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Difference between Trading and Investing: Qualities of good investors

Investment awareness in India has improved over the past few years, but I am still surprised that many people instinctively associate equities with share trading. This association shapes the risk perception of people towards equity as an asset...

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Should you invest in Equity Mutual Funds or directly in stocks through a broker

If you want to invest in equities in India, there are two common avenues available to you. You can open demat and trading accounts with a stock-broker to buy or sell equity shares in the stock market. Alternatively, you can invest in equity mutual...

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How to make your Financial Plan

In our post, Importance of Financial Planning, we discussed how financial planning can help you meet your short term, medium term and long term financial goals. While you can engage a professional financial planner or advisor to prepare your...

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Importance of Financial Planning

We believe that every financial decision in our life should be based on some goal. The goal can be building a retirement nest egg, saving for your children’s college education or wedding, saving for a down-payment for property purchase...

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Know your Mutual Fund tax implications in FY 2016 17

Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of United States of America, in his 1789 letter, shortly after the establishment of the US constitution, wrote that, “in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes”. Tax is one of...

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5 common mistakes Financial Advisors should avoid

Financial advisors have made a huge contribution to the development of the financial services industry in India and to improving the financial lives of Indian investors. As a society we know the virtues of saving, but among vast sections of...

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6 Reasons why you should review your mutual fund portfolio periodically

When one talks about investments especially equity with a long-term horizon, it does not mean that once the investment is done the investor should forget about it for the next few years. Though it is the fund manager’s job to make sure that...

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Scepticism about technology may prevent the financial advisors from achieving their true potential

In the first part of this series, Technology is reshaping our world: Financial advisors should embrace technology: Part 1, we discussed how technology is re-shaping the financial services landscape and in the second part we discussed How can...

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How can financial advisors use technology to take their businesses to the next level

In the previous part of this post, Technology is reshaping our world: Financial advisors should embrace technology: Part 1, we discussed how technology is re-shaping the financial services landscape. Michael Porter of Harvard Business...

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Technology is reshaping our world: Financial advisors should embrace technology: Part 1

When I was in middle school in the mid eighties, I remember that, for many months the headline dominating the newspaper front pages, related to the subject of bank computerization. The banking industry was crippled...

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Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.

Peerless Funds Management Co Limited (PFMCL), a subsidiary of The Peerless General Finance and Investment Company Limited (PGFI), is the investment manager to the first mutual fund in the eastern region headquartered in Kolkata.

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