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Robo advisors in India: Should you use for mutual fund investments

Some of our readers may have heard about and even used robo-advisors for making mutual fund investments. Robo-advisors are now very popular in developed countries like the United States and though robo-advisory is still...

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How to select the best midcap mutual funds

Small and midcap funds have attracted a huge amount of retail investor interest over the last 3 years. Over this period small and midcap funds have outperformed large cap and flexicap (diversified) funds across different market conditions...

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Reflections of FY 2017 and the path forward in FY 2018

In this post, I will share with our readers my thoughts relating to capital market and investments in the financial year just gone by (FY 2016 – 2017), particularly in terms of investing lessons which the past year taught us. I will also discuss what...

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How many funds should you have in your mutual fund portfolio

Many of our readers share information of their mutual fund portfolios with us in the Post Your Queries section of our website. I have observed that, number of mutual fund schemes in the investor’s portfolio ranges from 3 or 4 to dozen or even...

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Why you should include your spouse in financial decisions

India is still largely a patriarchal society and financial decisions in families are almost an exclusive domain for men only. Percentage of women in the Indian workforce is only 27%; taking care of the family is seen as the main responsibility...

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Why Multicap Funds may be the best option for less experienced investors

Mutual funds offer a multiple options for a large variety of investment needs. However, since there are a large number of schemes with similar investment mandates, fund selection can become very confusing for less experienced...

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Make retirement planning your New Year resolution

Every year many of us make New Year resolutions like going to bed on time, exercising regularly, giving up unhealthy habits, fulfilling career goals, saving more, spending less, etc. Most of us break our resolution within a few days; the more...

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Systematic Transfer Plans: Volatility defence and Portfolio Management

Systematic Transfer Plan (STP) is a mechanism by which an investor is able to transfer a fixed or variable amount from one mutual fund scheme to another mutual fund scheme. STP is primarily used by investors to transfer from debt funds to...

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Rolling Returns of Mutual Funds can be a useful tool for SWP

Systematic Withdrawal Plans (SWP) is increasingly gaining currency with Indian mutual fund investors, at least, based on the response received from our readers to many SWP related content posted on our website (www.advisorkhoj.com) over...

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6 reasons to sell your mutual fund

Investors often have high expectations when investing in stocks or equity mutual funds. Since equity markets are volatile in nature, there are periods of time when your investments are not able to live up to your expectations. When the gap...

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