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MFRT Samman 2013 Award to Pradip Chakrabarty

On: Aug 14, 2013 | Duration: 1.00 hrs | From:wealthforumezine.net

The thrill of a roller coaster seems trivial compared to the thrill I have faced in my journey......are the words of Pradip Chakrabarty. With a salary of merely 50rs and a shoulder heavy with responsibilities, life seemed a little uneasy but did not stop. Moving on to working for a mnc to an insurance agent....even getting a bride seemed difficult then..... the dreams were dim , ambitions were low and life seemed dull. But friends as every cloud has a silver lining.....so did this cloud......here the silver lining was his daughter infusing greater ambitions and higher spirits leading him to quit  his job and wear an entrepreneur cap ,thusforming Right Choice Securities.

Gonewere  the tough days and everything had become lessons well learnt. Building trust and relationships became the mottoof Mr Pradip. Striving for a living had now taken the shape of passion...it was boundaries being increased when advisor.khoj took birth with a noble focus in mind.....that every advisor should have a face....an identity.....and respect that he duly deserves. Giving  a web identity to the ifa’s  by creating  a search engine, an ideal place for anybody’ssearch for a financial advisor is his gift to the mutual fund industry.

This venture also made him a digital entrepreneur, and a  vision was formed to provide a platform to all the Financial Advisors in India where they will gain recognition and respectability and to take Financial advice to the masses. Thisis a humble offering from him to his fellow Financial Advisors. His  dream is to see that all Financial Advisors are sought after by the investing community and like doctors they are also paid a financial advice fee!  It has been along journey, from humble beginnings to scaling new heights and while he still continues moving ahead on his journey, he looks back to see all the experiences gained and  mistakes as lessons well learnt. He is a perfect example that the trick is in always moving aheadconsistently because movers are always winners.

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