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ICICI Prudential MIP - Dividend Quarterly

Category: Hybrid Debt Oriented Funds
Launch Date: 10-11-2000
Asset Class: Mixed Asset
Benchmark: Crisil MIP Blended Index
Expense Ratio: 2.27% As on (31-03-2018)
Status: Open Ended Schemes(Income) for subscription
Minimum Investment: 25000.0
Minimum Topup: 500.0
Total Assets: 342.08 Cr As on (31-03-2018)
Turn over: 75%
NAV as on


CAGR Since Inception


PERFORMANCE of ICICI Prudential MIP - Dividend Quarterly

Scheme Performance (%)

Data as on - 18-05-2018

Yearly Performance (%)

Fund Managers

Mr. Rajat Chandak, Mr. Manish Banthia

Mr. Chandak is a B.Com (H) and MBA. He has been associated with ICICI Prudential AMC since 2008.

Investment Objective

The scheme seeks to provide reasonable regular returns and long-term capital appreciation with a pre-dominant exposure to debt instruments. Under normal circumstances, 85 per cent of the corpus will be invested in debt instruments while exposure to equities will be at 15 per cent.

RETURNS CALCULATOR for ICICI Prudential MIP - Dividend Quarterly

Growth of 10000 In SIP (Fund vs Benchmark)

Amount :
Period :
Start :
End :

Growth of 10000 In LUMPSUM (Fund vs Benchmark)

Amount :
Start :

Rolling Returns

Rolling returns are the annualized returns of the scheme taken for a specified period (rolling returns period) on every day/week/month and taken till the last day of the duration. In this chart we are showing the annualized returns over the rolling returns period on every day from the start date and comparing it with the benchmark. Rolling returns is the best measure of a fund's performance. Trailing returns have a recency bias and point to point returns are specific to the period in consideration. Rolling returns, on the other hand, measures the fund's absolute and relative performance across all timescales, without bias.



Key Performance and Risk Statistics of ICICI Prudential MIP - Dividend Quarterly

Key Statistics Volatility Sharpe Ratio Alpha Beta Yield to Maturity Average Maturity
ICICI Prudential MIP - Dividend Quarterly 4.22 1.01 3.9 0.42 8.57 7.55
Hybrid Debt Oriented Funds

PEER COMPARISION of ICICI Prudential MIP - Dividend Quarterly

Data as on - 18-05-2018
Scheme Name Launch
Ret (%)
Ret (%)
Ret (%)
Ret (%)
Ret (%)

PORTFOLIO ANALYSIS of ICICI Prudential MIP - Dividend Quarterly

Asset Allocation (%)

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