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Investors can now search for financial advisors through Advisorkhoj.com

On: Mar 6, 2013 | Duration: 1.00 hrs | From:cafemutual.com

AdvisorKhoj is a website that brings together investors, distributors and AMCs. Its founder Pradip Chakrabarty shares his plan on his new venture in an interview with Pallabika Ganguly.

What is advisorkhoj.com?

Advisorkhoj is an on-line directory to help investors locate financial advisors and distributors across the country. The idea is to create a one-stop portal where investors can search for all types of financial advisors such as investment advisors, insurance, tax planning, financial planning, shares and commodities, etc. The portal will help advisors to grow their clientele. The beta version of the portal has been launched and it will be fully operational in two weeks.

The portal is our attempt to bring the three stake holders – investors, advisors and manufacturers, on to a single platform. The advisors can propagate and promote their business, manufacturers can showcase their concepts and products and investors can avail these services and products through a credible financial advisor or distributors in their neighbourhood.

What prompted you to launch such portal?

For the past few years, financial advisors are facing a lot of regulatory challenges. Moreover, the market has also been volatile for quite some time.

Today media portrays, most of them as commission earning agents. Therefore, I felt the need to make it clear to media and investors that the little financial penetration that exists in the country is only due to the financial advisors. So, I launched a website which showcases the expertise of licensed financial advisors.

How will it benefit distributors?

This is the only virtual platform that is meant to help distributors to reach masses. By listing on the site, distributors benefit in several ways:

  • Advisors can list complete range of services offered by them, like from preparing PAN Cards to financial planning, will writing and so on.

  • In addition, advisors can talk about their services and list their achievements in their 'bio page' for the investors to see.

  • Most importantly, it will create a 'pull' as the investor will search the advisors and seek their services.

What is your business model?

Our business model is based on subscription fee.

The basic registration 'Madhyam' service is free for advisors where an advisor can display his education qualifications, experience, team size and office photograph. But advisors can only get access to investor’s contact details as well as upgrade their profile by adding investor’s experience video by availing any of the three paid service – 'Uttam' for Rs 499 per annum (p.a), 'Atyuttam' for Rs 1499 p.a. and 'Sarvottam' for Rs 4999 p.a. Each level of subscription will entitle the advisor to a different set of value added services.

How can advisors register on the portal?

Advisors can register themselves in three ways:

  • Online registration – advisors can go to our portal – www.advisorkhoj.com and register online. For mutual fund advisors a special link has been created… the moment a mutual fund advisor enters his/her ARN No. a verification code will be sent to his/her mobile. The advisor only needs to enter the verification code and he/she is registered!

  • Telephonic registration - financial advisors can call on 08880009939 or give ‘missed call’ on our helpline number 08067730036 and our call centre team will get in touch with them and help them to register on our portal.

  • Write to us with their complete profile details at register@advisorkhoj.com

How will it benefit investors?

Oh, that’s a really a good question and I would like to show you certain statistics. Google analytics show that more than half million Indians, on a monthly basis, search for advisors who offer investment products, tax advice, financial planning, mutual funds and other financial products.

But, investors end-up seeing links of some Indian banks or large corporate distributor, offices of mutual fund and insurance companies. Hardly any IFAs contact details are visible in the search results. Our aim is to bring the portal on the first page of such searches so that all advisor contacts are easily available to investors.

Investors get to choose advisors and compare advisors on the basis of experience, awards and qualifications. Investor can also post their queries which will be answered by our expert advisors.

To connect to the advisor the investor can do a City, area and the service or a product based search for the best results. Our administrative team will help the investor to instantly connect to specified advisors through sms and email. After availing the advisor’s service he/she can also rate and review the service provider.

What are your other plans for advisorkhoj?

Clearly, our plan is to bring all three stake holders on to one platform and our mission is to take financial advisors and distributors to the masses. This mission will not be accomplished unless we bring all the current active advisors (the number would be approx 500,000 across product and service categories) on our portal, enroll new set of advisors from B-15 cities and conduct investment awareness program in tier II and III cities and rural areas. Therefore, all our plans will revolve and evolve around these things apart from our plans to execute certain completely out of the box ideas.

When will the portal be operational?

We have done a soft launch of the portal so that advisors can register from next week. Once we have registered advisors across one hundred cities, we will popularize the portal among investors.


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