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MFRT honors financial advisors with Samman

On: Aug 6, 2013 | Duration: 1.00 hrs | From:cafemutual.com

IFAs across the country were felicitated for their achievements.

Kolkata-based IFA association ASK Circle’s Mutual Fund Round Table (MFRT) recognized the efforts of the IFAs who have done outstanding work and strengthened the profession in their own way. Held on August 3, the MFRT felicitated these advisors with Samman (respect).

Here is the list of advisors who received the Samman:

Alagappan Thenappan

With more than 5,000 clients, Thenappan is a man on a mission who sells at least five SIPs a day. He has a SIP book of over 10,000. Thenappan started his career as a software engineer in 1993 but lost his job during the 9/11 terrorist attack. He turned mutual fund distributor in August 2005.Thenappan’s philosophy's to work with all types of clients irrespective of the ticket size. His current clientele consist of businessmen, teachers, hotel stewards and even bartenders.

Achuthan Kutty

The man who is always on the move, Kutty sells mutual funds in an auto rickshaw in Trichur! With a client base of more than 1000, he has been awarded the CNBC Financial Advisor Award 2010, is a UTI Chairman Club member and has enjoyed many trips abroad.

Prodyut Nandi Chowdhury

Product quit his government job and started selling insurance& mutual funds. With a 90% women client base, he primarily sells them mutual fund retirement plans. His efforts have been recognized by CNBC TV 18/ICRA.

Pradip Chakrabarty, Founder, www.advisorkhoj.com

Founder of Right Choice Securities, Chakrabarty has also launched www.advisorkhoj.com, India's only online directory for financial advisors. This website helps people locate a financial planner in their area.


He gave up a lucrative, high-flying corporate career in 2008 to become a financial planner. Vaid has spent most of his career in the mutual fund industry, starting with distribution in Bajaj Capital and then moving on to fund sales in ICICI Prudential. He worked with Rajiv Bajaj (Vice Chairman &ManagingDirector at Bajaj Capital) to set up a mutual fund desk in the mid-1990s. Vaidhas taken his financial advisory business to new heights by employing technology that automates a large part of the financial planning process.

Next Advisors

NextAdvisors has been created by eight like minded people who enjoy successful careers in the mutual fund industry. Their online transaction platform investors to purchase/ switch/ SIP units of various MFs in a single place while keeping the brand identity ofthe IFA intact i.e. the client belongs to the IFA. The full brokerages are credited by AMCs directly to the IFA’s account.

Ramesh Bhat

The man behind Chennai’s most popular IFA Association – IFAGalaxy, Ramesh Bhat runs Aniramwith his wife. IFA Galaxy today has more than 10,000online members across India. Now, he is spearheading the campaign to form Federation of Mutual Funds Distributors Association of India (FMFDAI).

Rajendra Prasad Verma

Verma is the only IFA who sells mutual funds and organizes investor awareness campaigns in a small town, Purnea in Bihar.

Prithwi Nath Keshari

Attheage of 73,he is one of the most active fund advisor sin Eastern India. He has bagged an award for Excellence in FinancialConsultancy in 2006 from Indian Economic Development & Research Association(New Delhi). He strives to submit at least Rs 1 lakh worth of application everyday.

Tirupati Rao

Not even a graduate, Rao started with odd jobs in departmental stores, bus conductor etc. Today, he boasts of more than 3,000 clients. Read-only sells mutual funds and primarily focuses on child care planning and retirement planning. He has been nominated to the UTI Chairman Club for 15consecutive years.

GuntaunukPratinidhi Vikas Sanstha

This IFA association has done commendable work in Nashik region.Ofthe 135 members of the association, 72 have so far completed either CFP or CPFA.Going forward, all members of the association aspire to get CFP certification.


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