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In September 2023, 360 ONE AMC launched its first hybrid offering, 360 ONE Balanced Hybrid Fund. This fund is a unique proposition as it is the only true to label balanced fund that balances asset allocations to equity and debt across different market conditions. The equity and debt allocations are both maintained in 40 – 60%...Read More

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360 ONE MF launched their flexicap fund in June 2023 and has delivered 20.59% return till 31st January 2024. Though the fund has not yet completed a year, the strong performance of the fund has caught our attention. The investment strategy of 360 ONE Flexicap Fund is unique and has the potential of consistently generating...Read More

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Phoenix is a mythological bird which rises from the ashes of its predecessors. In Greek mythology the Phoenix represents cyclicality of society and even civilizations. Like the Phoenix, businesses go through cycles of upswings and downswings. 360 ONE Phoenix PMS identifies companies that are going through a short term cycle of...Read More

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360 ONE Multicap PMS is multicap scheme which invests across market cap segments. This PMS was launched in 2013. Minimum investment in this scheme is Rs 50 lakhs. 360 ONE is one of the leading Portfolio Management Services (PMS) providers in India. Their unique SCDV investment framework for stock selection (more on...Read More

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Quantitative investing or quant is a rule based investment strategy that uses mathematical and statistical techniques to make investment decisions. Since quant investments are based on mathematical models, there is very limited human intervention in quant investing. Quant funds are thematic equity mutual fund schemes which use quantitative investment strategies...Read More

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360 ONE MF launched their flexicap fund in June 2023 after IIFL MF became 360 ONE MF earlier during the year. Though 3 months is too short a timeframe to review the performance of equity funds, the investment strategy of 360 ONE Flexicap Fund is unique and has the potential of consistently generating alphas for investors...Read More

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All investors aim for a seamless journey to build wealth. However in reality, markets are erratic, moving up or down and leaving many investors coping with strong emotions. When market goes up, the emotion is torn between booking profits and while some may want to invest even more, believing the market will always work...Read More

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360 ONE Asset Management Limited
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360 ONE Center, 7th Floor, Kamala City,
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Mumbai - 400 013
Telephone Number : +91 22 4876 5158
Email us at: investordesk@360.one

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360 ONE Asset offers uniquely structured products to cover diverse investment requirements of investors. Our mutual fund portfolio is concentrated on a few, high-quality, high-conviction stocks. This allows our fund managers to maintain focus and generate improved risk-adjusted returns.
Having pioneered the concept of benchmark-agnostic funds in India, our fund managers function in an unconstrained but research-oriented manner. While traditional asset management companies are constrained by benchmarks, our benchmark-agnostic approach enables us to pick stocks with flexibility and tap into unique multi-baggers of the future.

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