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On the occasion of our 75th anniversary of Independence in 2022, the Government laid out its vision that India will become a developed economy in the next 25 years, i.e. by 2047, when the country will celebrate the 100th anniversary of Independence. In the last 25 years, our GDP grew from US $416 billion...Read More

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With the stock market at record high, many investors are focusing on asset allocation. Asset allocation means diversifying your investments across different asset classes like equity, debt etc, with the objective of balancing risks and returns. Traditional asset allocation is focused on equity, debt and cash. However...Read More

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With the stock market at record highs, many investors are focusing on asset allocation. Hybrid mutual funds provide a variety of asset allocation solutions for investors with different risk profiles. In this monthly series we will discuss different hybrid fund categories with spotlight on hybrid products from PGIM India stable...Read More

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One of the most important areas to look at white saving for your future is to plan for a stress free and economically independent retirement. An SIP is a tool to systematically invest in mutual funds with the amount of your choice, helping you to build a corpus in the initial years of your career. Post retirement, the need is for...Read More

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HDFC Small Cap Fund has an illustrious history. The fund was launched in April 2008 as a Multi-cap fund, Morgan Stanley A.C.E. Fund under Morgan Stanley India AMC. In 2013, when HDFC AMC acquired Morgan Stanley India AMC, the fund's name change was changed to HDFC Mid and Small Cap fund. Then in 2016, the...Read More

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Small caps have outperformed ever since the market started recovering after the COVID-19 crash in 2020. Small caps outperformed in CY 2020 and 2021, but they underperformed in CY 2022. The 2022 correction made small caps attractive and they bounced back strongly in 2023. On a YTD basis, Nifty Small Cap 250...Read More

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All investors aim for a seamless journey to build wealth. However in reality, markets are erratic, moving up or down and leaving many investors coping with strong emotions. When market goes up, the emotion is torn between booking profits and while some may want to invest even more, believing the market will always work...Read More

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If you invested Rs 10 lakhs in Canara Robeco Emerging Equities Fund at its New Funds Offer (NFO) in March 2005, your investment would have multiplied 18 times to nearly Rs 1.8 crores (as of 21st August 2023). The CAGR of Canara Robeco Emerging Equities Fund since inception is 16.9%. The chart below shows...Read More

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Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are passive schemes which track market indices. ETFs invest in a basket of securities which replicate the benchmark index. Unlike actively managed mutual fund schemes, ETFs do not aim to beat the index, they merely track the index as closely as possible. Since ETFs are passive funds, they...Read More

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Aditya Birla Sun Life Frontline Equity Fund has completed more than 20 years since its launch. Over this period the equity market went through several cycles of bull and bear markets, but this large cap fund created substantial wealth for investors (see the chart below). If you had invested Rs 10,000 in Aditya...Read More