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While behavioural finance suggests that greed and fear are the primary factors driving investment decisions of most investors, Warren Buffet believes that discipline is the single most important attributes of successful investors. Greed and fear are natural instincts for most people but discipline has to be practised consciously. Greed and...Read More

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When investors want regular income from their investments the automatic choices for many are bank term deposits or post office monthly income scheme. However, declining interest rates have caused many investors to be worried about meeting their income needs from traditional savings schemes. In the current economic environment interest...Read More

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Liquid mutual funds are mainly used by investors to park money for very short periods of time ranging from a few days to few months for earning returns that are significantly higher than savings bank interest rates and at the same time...Read More

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Understanding risk / return characteristics of asset class is fundamental to investing. An asset class may have hundreds or thousands of different instruments or schemes, but all instruments in a particular asset class display...Read More

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Over the last 6 to 9 months, several high profile bond and other debt paper defaults and downgrades have wracked fixed income mutual funds. Starting with ILFS default in September 2018 to defaults / downgrades in Dewan...Read More

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Arbitrage refers to the opportunity of making risk free profits due to price mismatch between two different markets for the same product. A simple example of arbitrage opportunity is the price difference of the same security in...Read More

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Large and Midcap equity fund is a relatively new equity fund category. As per SEBI’s mandate, these schemes should invest at least 35% of their assets in large cap stocks and 35% of their assets in midcap stocks. The top 100 stocks...Read More

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When planning our asset allocations, we usually think about equity and fixed income for our different investment needs. Equity investments are made over long investment tenures (usually 5 years or longer) and primarily for the...Read More

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High volatility in stock market poses dilemma for many investors. Investors with long investment horizons and high risk tolerance may want to invest irrespective of market levels. Some investors may wait for the market to correct...Read More

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Section 80C of the Income Tax Act 1961 allows tax payers to claim deductions of up to Rs 1.5 Lakhs in a financial year from their taxable income by investing in certain eligible schemes specified under the Section. Eligible schemes...Read More

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