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Fund managers who follow the value investing style try to identify stocks which are trading at significant discounts to their intrinsic value. The intrinsic value of a stock is based on fundamental analysis based on various factors like the company’s competitive strengths, market share, industry growth potential, company’s...Read More

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The LIC MF Large and Midcap fund was launched on Feb 2015, and since its inception about 9 years ago, it has given a CAGR return of 13. 51% till date (6th January 2024). Large and Midcap funds are good investment options for investors looking at exposure to the Top performing 250 funds listed at the Indian stock...Read More

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When you are planning to build an equity portfolio, you can think two components in your portfolio – a core portfolio and a satellite portfolio. The core portfolio should be built based on your long term financial goals (e.g. children’s higher education, children’s marriage, retirement planning etc) and your risk...Read More

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LIC MF Multi Cap Fund has just completed a year. The fund has made an excellent start delivering around 17% CAGR returns since launch (as on 31st October 2023). The fund was able to outperform its benchmark index and create alphas for investors. Though 1 year is a relatively short period for evaluating a fund’s performance...Read More

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In this asset allocation strategy, asset allocation mix is adjusted depending on market conditions i.e. you will increase or decrease your allocations to equity and fixed income on an ongoing basis depending on market conditions. For example, if equity valuations areexpensive you will reduce your asset allocation...Read More

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Midcaps have outperformed large caps over the last 3 years (see the chart below). In the last 3 years ending 31st August 2023, Nifty Midcap 150 TRI gave nearly 33% CAGR returns while the Nifty 50 TRI gave 20% CAGR returns (source: NSE, Advisorkhoj Research, as on 31st August 2023). As a result, there is a lot of...Read More

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Small caps have outperformed ever since the market started recovering after the COVID-19 crash in 2020. Small caps outperformed in CY 2020 and 2021, but they underperformed in CY 2022. The 2022 correction made small caps attractive and they bounced back strongly in 2023. On a YTD basis, Nifty Small Cap 250...Read More

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LIC MF Flexi Cap Fund is one the oldest diversified equity funds in India. The scheme has a 30 year plus track record. It has been underperforming for several years but recently has made a strong comeback. In the last 6 months, LIC MF Flexi Cap Fund has been a top quartile performer, ranking in the Top 5 funds in the Flexicap...Read More

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While behavioural finance suggests that greed and fear are the primary factors driving investment decisions of most investors, Warren Buffet believes that discipline is the single most important attributes of successful investors. Greed and fear are natural instincts for most people but discipline has to be practised consciously. Greed and...Read More

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When investors want regular income from their investments the automatic choices for many are bank term deposits or post office monthly income scheme. However, declining interest rates have caused many investors to be worried about meeting their income needs from traditional savings schemes. In the current economic environment interest...Read More

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LIC Mutual Fund was established on 20th April 1989 by LIC of India. Being an associate company of India's premier and most trusted brand, LIC Mutual Fund is one of the well known players in the asset management sphere. With a systematic investment discipline coupled with a high standard of financial ethics and corporate governance, LIC Mutual Fund is emerging as a preferred Investment Manager amongst the investor fraternity.

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