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Wealth sets you free for different stages of life

How many times did you wake up in the morning and felt like not wanting to go to work? Most of us would have felt that way at least a few times in our careers. How many times did you drag yourself to office despite wanting to take the...

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Financial Independence and its importance

I had heard “financial independence” being used by people in different contexts many times, but I never realized what it really means till I read the book, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki. A co-worker in New York, who was also my batch...

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Why continue with SIPs even in high markets

The Indian stock market made its all-time high a few days back, with the Nifty scaling the 10,000 points mark. The market has been rallying from the beginning of this year and breaching the 10,000 level on the Nifty was seen as an important...

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Diversification and how to take advantage of it

The old idiom, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” is the essence of diversification. While most of us understand the wisdom of this idiom, many of us do not realize its importance in financial planning. Many of our readers know that...

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Cricket and Investing: Story of breaking records

Thirty four years back, on a nice winter afternoon in Chennai, Sunil Gavaskar broke Don Bradman’s record of 29 test centuries. My school was closed for the winter break and I remember huddling in front of the radio (we did not have TV in our...

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Mutual Fund Taxation for FY 2018

Knowing the tax consequences of investments, income and profits are an important part of financial planning for three important reasons. Firstly, investors should declare all taxable income correctly in their income tax returns...

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Why mutual funds are the best investment asset class

People who have invested in mutual funds for a long period of time know that they are the best investment options to achieve financial goals. Despite rising popularity of mutual funds in India, there are many investors, who are not aware of...

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Are ETFs the right investment option for you

Many famous fund managers in India and around the world consider themselves disciples of Warren Buffett. Some of our readers in Advisorkhoj may be Buffett fans; you should know that, Warren Buffett himself is a fan of Exchange Traded...

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Why Invest your Idle Money

Let us start this post with a question. Why do we need money? Money has two basic uses. We need money to fulfil our current needs like buying food, paying bills, rent / mortgage etc. We also need money for our future needs. Whether your...

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Equity Linked Savings Scheme is the best tax saving investment for wealth creation

With less than three months remaining before the close of this financial year, maximum tax saving is likely to be one of the most important financial considerations for many. From FY 2015 onwards investors can save up to...

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