Consistent Dividend Paying Funds

Scheme Name 2016
Total Dividend ( / Unit)
Total Dividend ( / Unit)
Total Dividend ( / Unit)
Total Dividend ( / Unit)
Total Dividend ( / Unit)
Total Dividend ( / Unit)
5 Year(s) Returns Dividend History
ICICI Pru Multi Cap IDCW 2.1000 3.0000 2.1739 1.9922 2.2500 - 13.51

Mutual Fund Schemes which pay dividends consistently appear in this list. You can see the consistent dividend paying schemes from a category for all AMCs or a selected AMC for the selected period like, 1, 2 , 3, 4, 5 and 10 years. In the result, the annual dividends are shown in per unit basis under the respective years. Along with the annual dividends, the schemes 5 year returns are also shown in XIRR percentage. The other facility is that by clicking on the dividend history tab of any scheme, you can see the entire historical returns of the selected scheme in a separate page, for example DSP Flexi Cap Fund - Regular Plan - Dividend. Depending upon the consistency of dividend payments, colours have been used in the dividend tables to make it more user friendly and easy to understand for user. The results can be downloaded in excel.

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