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SBI Mutual Fund has launched a new fund offer (NFO), SBI Energy Opportunities Fund on 6th February 2024. This is a thematic fund which will invest in companies engaging in activities such as exploration, production, distribution, transportation and processing of traditional & new energy including but not limited to sectors...Read More

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2024 has begun on a very bullish note for the equity market with the Nifty 50 climbing over the 22,000 level. With China underperforming and India outperforming, India is expected to higher share of FII’s emerging market allocations, of which a large percentage is likely to go into the Nifty 50 stocks. SBI MF has launched...Read More

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In the FOMC meeting in December 2023 the US Federal Reserve indicated multiples interest rate cuts in 2024, once the central bank is comfortable with inflation risks. Reserve Bank of India has a similar stance on rate cuts in India. Fed’s guidance on future interest rate actions has cheered both equity and debt markets...Read More

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The guaranteed returns of Fixed deposits make them a popular saving option in India. However, stability aside, fixed deposits interest rates have been declining over the last 20 years and hence can only be treated as savings. However, the value of the saved amount keeps getting eroded as inflation keeps rising. Even though interest...Read More

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At the beginning of your mutual funds investment journey, you will most likely be confused and sceptical about how to start investing, and which funds to choose etc. A proper understanding of your financial goals and your appetite for risk will help you to choose the best funds that will align with your requirements. Your risk...Read More

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There is a popular phrase that says, ‘forewarned is forearmed.’ That is to say that when we know what is coming up, we can prepare to provide for it. In our life we have many milestones to be achieved. Apart from higher education, marriage, ensuring our and our dependents’ health, making a house, children’s education, retirement...Read More

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Your children’s future is one of your most important aspirations in life. Your childhas the right to dream big and you should support their dreams. But parents have to be realist. You need to think about how much you need to save and invest to help your child fulfil his / her aspirations. As per an insurance survey, 35% of parents worry...Read More

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Diversification refers to building a portfolio with multiple assets to reduce the risk associated with a single asset. For example, a diversified equity fund invests in a portfolio of stocks across different industry sectors and market capitalization segments. Diversification can also mean investments across different asset classes...Read More

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Arbitrage funds are hybrid mutual fund schemes which aim to generate arbitrage profits by exploiting price differences of the same underlying assets in different capital market segments. These funds can also invest in debt and money market instruments. As per SEBI’s directive, arbitrage funds must invest at least 65% of their assets...Read More

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Balanced advantage funds, also known as dynamic asset allocation funds, are a type of hybrid mutual funds which invests in debt, equity and arbitrage strategies. The asset allocation of these funds is managed dynamically based on an asset allocation model that changes asset allocation depending on market conditions. SEBI has not...Read More

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