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Why you should adopt life cycle based investment strategy

Life-cycle fund, as a concept, was first introduced by the US Federal Government through a scheme called Thrift Savings Plan. Now this scheme is managed by private Asset Management Companies (AMCs). Life-cycle funds... Read More

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Make Salary Day your Mutual Fund SIP investment Day

Many of us go on vacations with our families once or twice every year. A lot of planning and preparation goes into making our vacation an enjoyable experience. Tickets are booked several weeks or even months in advance to... Read More

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Systematic Withdrawal Plan: Smart option to get regular income from your investment

When investors want regular income from their investments the automatic choices for many are bank term deposits or post office monthly income scheme. However, declining interest rates have caused many investors to be worried... Read More

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What are short term investment options as bank rates at lowest point in many years

In the first part of this blog post, we have discussed that, even though term deposit rates are declining, there are a variety of mutual fund investment options that, can meet a wide spectrum of investor’s risk return needs provided... Read More

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What are short term investment options with bank FD rates at lowest point in many years

Bank Fixed Deposit (FD) interest rates are at their lowest point in many years. As per moneycontrol.com data, less than 1 year FD interest rates of major public sector banks are around 6.5% only. For private sector banks, less... Read More

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Investing in equity funds at all time market high

Over the last few days the Nifty 50 has made a new all-time high. This is wonderful news for investors in equity funds, but if you tune into business channels on your TV, you will hear expert voices concerned about stock valuations... Read More

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What does Brexit mean for Indian Investors in the medium term: Opportunities

In our earlier post, What does Brexit mean for Indian Investors in the medium term: Part 1, we discussed the broad implications of Brexit for the Indian economy and capital markets. We discussed that, volatility in global financial... Read More

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What does Brexit mean for Indian Investors in the medium term: Part 1

On June 23rd, 2016 the people of United Kingdom in a historic referendum voted to leave the European Union (EU). While this event risk, popularly known as Brexit, was known to the capital markets and financial community for some... Read More

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Mutual Funds and Stock Investing: Do you know the 5 differences

When we think about stocks and mutual funds we think about equity. Though all stocks can be categorized as equity, all mutual funds are not equity. A mutual fund could be equity or debt or a mixture of both – usually called hybrid... Read More

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Why Fixed Maturity Plans are still better investment options than Bank FDs

Prior to 2014 mutual fund fixed maturity plans (FMPs) were very popular low risk investment options for investors, primarily because of the tax advantage debt mutual funds used to enjoy over bank fixed deposits over a 1 year or... Read More

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