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After a dream bull rally which saw the stock market climb to all time high, the market has turned volatile in the last one month. The Nifty has given up nearly 1,400 points, falling 8% in the last month or so. The broader market has also been volatile with midcaps falling 8% in the last month or so. Fears of new Coronavirus mutation and rising...

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Multi Asset Allocation funds are hybrid mutual fund schemes which invest in 3 or more asset classes. According to SEBI regulations multi asset allocation funds must invest minimum 10% each in at least 3 asset classes. Apart from the two most popular asset classes, debt and equity, these schemes invest in asset classes like gold, real...

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With interest rates of traditional fixed income products on the decline for quite some time, many investors are looking at alternative investment options. Debt mutual funds offer investors a variety of products for different risk appetites, investment tenures and investment needs. However, for investors who are willing to...

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The equity market is enjoying a fantastic bull market since the market recovered from the COVID-19 crash in March 2020. After breaching the previous all time high about 11 months back, Nifty 50 has risen 40% higher in the 11 months or so. The broader market (midcaps and small caps) also enjoyed a great bull run over...

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Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP) is a mutual funds facility using which you can draw fixed amounts from your mutual fund investment at regular intervals (e.g. monthly, any other interval as specified by the AMC). SWP works by redeeming the required number of units at prevailing NAVs to meet your SWP cash-flows. The SWP will...

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Investment cycles are inevitable in equity markets. Prices go up in bull markets, come down in bear markets and again go up; this cycle continues. You should sell equity (shift to other asset class) when market is high and buy equity (shift from other asset classes) when market is low. This idea is encapsulated in the age-old...

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SBI Mutual Fund is launching a New Fund Offer of an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) which will track the Nifty India Consumption Index. The NFO – SBI ETF CONSUMPTION - Opens on 30th June 2021 and closes on 14th July 2021. Investors can subscribe to units of this ETF during the NFO period. Upon the closure of the NFO, the...

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Nifty Next 50 Index comprises of the 51st to 100th largest companies by free float market capitalization on the National Stock Exchange (NSE). According to SEBI, the top 100 companies by market capitalization are categorized as large cap companies. Nifty 50 (top 50 companies by free float market capitalization)...

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Fixed maturity plans are close ended debt mutual fund schemes which invest in different debt securities like commercial papers, certificates of deposits, non-convertible debentures, G-Secs, SDLs etc. Since FMPs are close ended schemes, they can be bought from the Asset Management Company (AMC) only during the New Funds Offer...

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Section 80C of Income Tax Act 1961 allows investors to claim up to Rs 150,000 deduction from their gross taxable incomes by investing in eligible schemes. You can save up to Rs 46,800 in taxes (for investors in the highest tax bracket) by investing in 80C schemes. Some of the most popular tax saving investments under Section...

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