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Passive funds are growing in popularity all across the world especially in developed markets. In the US passive equity assets under management (AUM) has already overtaken active equity AUM (source: Financial Times, June 2022). In the next few years passive will overtake overall active AUM (including fixed income)...Read More

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On 24th March 2023, the Finance Minister proposed an amendment to the Finance Bill 2023, whereby she proposed that the long term capital gains tax benefit for non equity schemes be removed. As per the provisions of Income Tax Act before this amendment, long term capital gains (holding period of 36 months or more)...Read More

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The traditional paradigm of women taking care of homes and men taking care of money has changed over the last few decades with increasing participation of women in the workforce. In the early 50s, the percentage of working women in urban female population was around 12% and it rose to around 16% in 2018-19 (source: NSSO)...Read More

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The Union Budget is one of the most awaited events in the calendar. The market usually has a lot of expectations from the Budget, but since 2024 will be an election year, the market only had reasonable expectations from the Budget. This was evidenced by the lack of the usual market rally leading up to the Budget. The...Read More

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Asset allocation refers to diversification of your investments in more than one asset class. Asset allocation for most investors means diversifying into equity and fixed income or debt. In our blog post, How can multi asset allocation work for you?, we had discussed the benefits of diversification across 3 or more asset classes. We...Read More

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2022 was a tumultuous year for global markets. We started the year with concerns regarding the highly infectious COVID variant, Omicron. As we ended 2022, COVID has reared its head again in China with a surge of cases. In 2022, we saw the first conventional war in Europe since World War 2. Russia invaded Ukraine in 2022...Read More

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Asset allocation refers to diversification of investments over two or more asset classes. When we talk about asset allocation, investors usually think of a mix of equity and fixed income. Multi asset allocation is spreading your investments over at least 3 asset classes. These asset classes are equity, fixed income or debt, gold...Read More

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The old proverb, "do not put all your eggs in one basket", is one of the most important tenets of investing. This old proverb can be applied to investments and mitigated through diversification. Risk is an intrinsic aspect of investing; if you are not willing to take risks, you should expect only the lowest possible returns. You...Read More

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From childhood to adulthood, to being married, becoming a parent and finally a senior citizen, we go through different stages of life. Your income, priorities and spending habits change depending on which life stage you are in. The priorities of different life stages can be navigated better if you change your investments...Read More

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Financial independence is the most important retirement goal. With retired lives getting longer and costlier (particularly healthcare), you should start planning for retirement early in your working careers, if you want a stress free and...Read More


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