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Downside Volatility Ranking

Quartile rankings are a measure of how well a mutual fund has performed against all other funds in its category. The rankings range from "Top Quartile" to "Bottom Quartile" for all time periods covered in our drop down menu above. Mutual funds with the lowest volatility in the chosen time period are assigned to "Top Quartile", whereas those with the highest volatility are assigned to "Bottom Quartile". Volatility of a fund is a measure of returns fluctuation and is measured in terms of annualized standard deviation of monthly rolling returns over the period selected by the user (from the drop down menu). Volatility can be good or bad. If price (NAV) of a fund increases rapidly, the volatility of the fund will increase, but this is "good volatility". If price (NAV) of a fund falls rapidly, the volatility of the fund will also increase, however, this is "bad volatility". "Downside volatility" measures the fluctuations of monthly returns in the months when the NAVs fall; hence it is a measure of "bad volatility". Quartile rankings are compiled by sorting funds in ascending order of "downside volatilities", or in other words, "bad volatility". Funds in the top 25% are assigned the ranking of "Top Quartile", the next 25% are assigned a ranking of "Upper Middle Quartile", the next 25% after that are assigned a ranking of "Lower Middle Quartile" and the lowest 25% are assigned the ranking of "Bottom Quartile".

Scheme Name Launch Date 3 years Volatility Quartile Rank
Aditya Birla Sun Life Advantage Fund - Regular Growth 24-02-1995 15.67 Upper Middle Quartile
Aditya Birla Sun Life Dividend Yield Plus - Growth - Regular Plan 26-02-2003 21.42 Bottom Quartile
Aditya Birla Sun Life Equity Fund - Growth - Regular Plan 27-08-1998 17.88 Upper Middle Quartile
Aditya Birla Sun Life India Reforms Fund-Growth 25-06-2010 17.95 Upper Middle Quartile
Aditya Birla Sun Life Manufacturing Equity Fund - Regular Plan - Growth 31-01-2015 14.85 Top Quartile
Aditya Birla Sun Life Special Situations Fund - Growth 31-01-2008 18.66 Lower Middle Quartile
Axis Equity Fund - Growth 05-01-2010 18.07 Lower Middle Quartile
Axis Focused 25 Fund - Growth Option 29-06-2012 20.05 Bottom Quartile
BNP Paribas Equity Fund-Growth Option 23-09-2004 16.72 Upper Middle Quartile
BNP PARIBAS Dividend Yield Fund-Growth Option 15-09-2005 15.34 Upper Middle Quartile
BOI AXA Equity Fund Eco Plan- Growth 21-10-2008 22.15 Bottom Quartile
BOI AXA Equity Fund Regular Plan- Growth 21-10-2008 22.75 Bottom Quartile
Canara Robeco Equity Diversified - Regular Plan - Growth 16-09-2003 21.42 Bottom Quartile
DSP BlackRock Equity Fund - Regular Plan - Growth 07-06-2007 22.55 Bottom Quartile
DSP BlackRock Opportunities Fund-Regular Plan - Growth 16-05-2000 14.36 Top Quartile
Edelweiss Large Cap Advantage Fund - Regular Plan - Growth option 20-05-2009 17.75 Upper Middle Quartile
Edelweiss Large Cap Advantage Fund -Plan B - Growth option 20-05-2009 17.74 Upper Middle Quartile
Edelweiss Large Cap Advantage Fund -Plan C - Growth option 20-05-2009 17.73 Upper Middle Quartile
Edelweiss Prudent Advantage Fund - Regular Plan - Growth Option 12-08-2009 12.52 Top Quartile
Edelweiss Prudent Advantage Fund- Plan B-Growth Option 16-06-2009 12.27 Top Quartile
Essel Equity Fund - Growth Option 28-09-2011 10.85 Top Quartile
Franklin India Flexi Cap Fund-Growth Plan 02-03-2005 15.15 Top Quartile
Franklin India High Growth Companies Fund - Growth Plan 26-07-2007 19.76 Lower Middle Quartile
Franklin India Life Stage Fund Of Funds - The 20S Plan (G) 01-12-2003 10.6 Top Quartile
Franklin India Opportunities Fund - Growth 22-02-2000 20.29 Bottom Quartile
Franklin India Prima Plus-Growth 29-09-1994 11.39 Top Quartile
HDFC Capital Builder Fund - Growth Option 01-02-1994 18.7 Lower Middle Quartile
HDFC Equity Fund - Growth Option 01-01-1995 25.61 Bottom Quartile
HDFC Premier Multi-Cap Fund-Growth 06-04-2005 25.13 Bottom Quartile
HSBC India Opportunities Fund - Growth 24-02-2004 22.69 Bottom Quartile
ICICI Prudential Dynamic - Growth 31-10-2002 18.88 Lower Middle Quartile
ICICI Prudential Indo Asia Equity Fund - Growth 18-10-2007 16.37 Upper Middle Quartile
ICICI Prudential Multicap Fund - Growth 01-10-1994 13.99 Top Quartile
ICICI Prudential Nifty Next 50 Index Fund - Growth 25-06-2010 14.15 Top Quartile
ICICI Prudential Top 100 Fund - Growth 09-07-1998 18.07 Lower Middle Quartile
ICICI Prudential Value Discovery Fund - Growth 16-08-2004 17.55 Upper Middle Quartile
IDBI India Top 100 Equity Fund Growth 15-05-2012 18.69 Lower Middle Quartile
IDBI Nifty Junior Index Fund Growth 20-09-2010 14.98 Top Quartile
IDFC Classic Equity Fund-Regular Plan-Growth 09-08-2005 16.94 Upper Middle Quartile
IIFL India Growth Fund -Regular Plan - Growth 30-10-2014 17.21 Upper Middle Quartile
Invesco India Contra Fund - Growth 11-04-2007 18.23 Lower Middle Quartile
Kotak Opportunities - Growth 09-09-2004 18.81 Lower Middle Quartile
L&T Equity Fund-Regular Plan-Growth 16-05-2005 19.62 Lower Middle Quartile
L&T India Special Situations Fund-Regular Plan-Growth 22-05-2006 19.24 Lower Middle Quartile
LIC MF Equity Fund-Regular Plan-Growth 15-04-1993 26.34 Bottom Quartile
Mirae Asset India Opportunities Fund - Growth Plan 04-04-2008 17.2 Upper Middle Quartile
MOSt Focused Multicap 35-Regular Plan-Growth Option 28-04-2014 6.71 Top Quartile
Parag Parikh Long Term Equity Fund - Regular Plan - Growth 28-05-2013 5.19 Top Quartile
Principal Dividend Yield Fund-Growth Plan 15-10-2004 20.03 Lower Middle Quartile
Principal Growth Fund-Growth Option 25-10-2000 21.32 Bottom Quartile
Reliance Retirement Fund- Wealth Creation Scheme- Growth Plan - Growth Option 11-02-2015 14.59 Top Quartile
SBI Contra - Regular Plan -Growth | Invest Online 14-07-1999 19.53 Lower Middle Quartile
SBI Magnum Multicap Fund - Regular Plan -Growth Option | Invest Online 29-09-2005 10.77 Top Quartile
SBI Magnum Multiplier Fund - Regular Plan -Growth | Invest Online 26-05-2005 15.32 Upper Middle Quartile
Sundaram Equity Multiplier Fund Growth 27-02-2007 13.29 Top Quartile
Tata Equity Opportunities Fund Regular Plan - Growth 31-03-1993 18.62 Lower Middle Quartile
Tata Ethical Fund Regular Plan - Growth 24-05-1996 11.4 Top Quartile
Tata Retirement Savings Fund -Regular Plan -Progressive -Growth 01-11-2011 19.79 Lower Middle Quartile
Taurus Bonanza Fund- Regular Plan - Growth Option 28-02-1995 20.39 Bottom Quartile
Taurus Ethical Fund - Regular Plan - Growth Option 06-04-2009 18.95 Lower Middle Quartile
Taurus Starshare - Regular Plan - Growth Option 29-01-1994 22.79 Bottom Quartile
Templeton India Equity Income Fund-Growth Plan 18-05-2006 15.34 Upper Middle Quartile
Templeton India Growth Fund-Growth Plan 05-09-2003 19.48 Lower Middle Quartile
Union Equity Fund - Growth Option 10-06-2011 25.05 Bottom Quartile
UTI - Equity Fund-Growth Option 01-08-2005 18.01 Upper Middle Quartile
UTI - Top 100 Fund- Growth Option 01-08-2005 21.14 Bottom Quartile
UTI Multi Cap Fund - Growth Option 25-08-2014 18.46 Lower Middle Quartile
UTI-Dividend Yield Fund.-Growth 03-05-2005 22.06 Bottom Quartile
Reliance ETF Junior BeES 21-02-2003 - Top Quartile

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