FAQ for Financial Distributors

Because, we are India's only true on-line directory for financial Distributors. Therefore, if you are an investment/financial Distributor would you not like to be here on this directory and offer your services in your city or to entire nation?

Not only we register you on the directory but we also give you a face on the web, highlight you, your services and your achievements. We create your brand identity through different medium including social media so that you are universally accessible.

We help you and your customers talk about you and your services so that more and more people look for you. We get your clients review and rate your services in order to increase your target audience (from your neighborhood to entire nation).

It is affordable. Free! To start with. But, if you subscribe to our paid service which starts from as low as Rs. 1000(including Service Tax) during the 'Initial Launch Offer', you will be connected to the Investors instantly and get their leads automatically on your mobile and email.

Provide your complete details including your Qualification, Contact No. and License numbers etc.

You can select these services from a menu which will open while registering with us. You can select three focus areas in which you have expertise and strength (this will be displayed along with your name on the search page) apart from choosing the entire services that you plan to offer. Remember, this is the basis on which the customer search will be filtered.

After registering for Free, you can upgrade and opt for our paid Annual Subscription Plans. These plans help you reach out to more and more customers. You can also upload your bio, office photo, video, awards and credentials depending upon the plan you have chosen. Currently, we have 4 plans - Madhyam, Uttam, Attyuttam and Sarvottam. Please compare the plans and check which one is suitable for you.

Yes, definitely. The number of contacts and your visibility will depend on the Subscription Plan you have chosen. For an example - Under the Sarvottam Plan (the best one!), we will talk about your achievements and services within your city through social media platforms.

Please provide your complete information as we will be showing your full profile on the web. Here you can highlight your Educational and professional Qualifications, Recognitions and Awards won, your associations, the articles written by you, etc.

There are certain services where License / certifications are mandatory - for example, ARN NO. for Mutual Funds, SEBI registration for Share Trading and IRDA license for Life Insurance, etc. If you choose any of these services, you will have to provide respective License numbers otherwise we will not allow you to offer these services

We will be sending you reminders for renewal of these Licenses as a support service. However, if your License is not renewed within the due time, your services for that particular product will be taken off from the portal.

The customer will search you on the basis of City, Location and Services Offered by you within a particular radius. The customer might also call us (On 080-41706980) or write to us for providing a Financial Distributor; in that case we will forward the leads to you. The customer might search you on his mobile also by browsing our site on his android phone.

Many. For example - Under the Sarvottam Plan (the best plan!), we will talk about your achievements and services through our social media platform in your city so that customers can contact you directly. Also we will be sending e-mailers and do sms campaigns (as per TRAI regulations) wherein the customer can ask for a Financial Distributor by giving us a "Missed Call on 080-67730026"

The moment customer clicks to contact you (on our website); we will ask for his credentials and sms/email you his details. Similarly, your details will also be sent through sms/email to the customer.

Immediately, in fact the moment you get his details! The faster you move the better it is as we will be providing him with details of another two Distributors too. However, your name will appear on top of the list. Similarly, your name may appear in the second or third place when some other Distributors are searched. The idea is to provide the customer with more than one choice (Maximum 3) so that his needs are definitely fulfilled.

A sms/email will be sent to the customer after 72 hours requesting him to review/rate your services. The ratings will be displayed in form of Stars on the Search page, Compare page and Bio page. The visitors can also read the reviews. Therefore, higher ratings and better reviews means more and more customer will search you. Also, Existing customers can refer you to others from our site.

Yes, we will provide you with a Login-Id using which you can do the necessary modifications, upgrade the service, add new services, change and upload photos, etc.