FAQ for Users / Investors

Generally speaking, a Financial Distributor is one such professional who understands the subject of finance and is experienced, certified or licensed to deal with it. Their primary task is to provide financial solutions and help you with their Advice in order to help you achieve your investment objective or financial goals. Financial Distributors are also expected to work with clients in the areas of tax planning, retirement income planning, cash flow planning and asset allocation, etc.

As per Wikipedia - According to the U.S. Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), a Financial Adviser (Distributor) is a generic term or job title used by investment professionals who may not hold any specific designations. FINRA describes the main groups of investment professionals who may use the generic term of Financial Adviser to be: Brokers, Investment Advisers, Accountants, Lawyers, Insurance Agents and Financial Planners.

As per Wikipedia - Financial Distributors typically provide clients/customers with products and services. Financial Distributors may wear multiple hats, depending on the licenses they hold and the training they have. For example, an insurance agent may be qualified to sell you both life insurance and variable annuities. A broker may also be a financial planner.

Please note we do lot of due diligence - like, validating their License, certification and Code Nos. and validity period before registration. We do not allow Distributors to offer any services where obtaining a License and certification and statutory requirements are mandatory as per current laws and regulatory requirement. Similarly, we also check the respective validity dates of these licenses and remind the Distributors to renew failing which we put off that particular service/s from the date of its expiry.

Advisor Khoj is a virtual platform where investors and Distributors meet. Every Investor, based on their financial needs will be connected with three financial Distributors. It is not compulsory for you to invest. But if you do AdvisorKhoj is in no way responsible for any transactions that take place between the financial Distributor and the investor.

Please discuss this with the Distributor you have chosen for your financial needs. We are no way involved in it.

We can understand that. That's why when you choose one particular Distributor we provide with details of another two Distributors. If the Distributor selected by you does not respond, you are free to contact the other two Distributors.

Yes, we will appreciate that. In fact, we will send you a reminder thru email/sms after 3 days from the date of search requesting you to review and rate the Distributor thru a simple process which should not take more than 2 minutes of your time.

No it does not! because we make sure that your hard earned wealth is managed by experts. You decide whom to choose to manage your wealth. But if you are willing to know more about financial planning and how to manage your finances log on to http://advisorkhoj.blogspot.in/ and also read the Financial Articles on our website. This blog/ Articles aim at being a virtual assistant to help you manage your wealth and spread investor awareness. However we believe, only a financial Distributor can help you on this.

Advisorkhoj.com aims at providing a platform for investors to find a suitable financial Distributor. An investor is connected to a financial Distributor on the basis of three requirements:

  • Select city: As investors you are expected to choose the city you are currently residing in.

  • Select area: After selecting the city, you chose the locality/Area in which you want to locate a financial Distributor.

  • Select a service or a product: The product or service has to be selected from the list that had already been provided and falls under personal finance domain and related areas.

Depending on the three details we shall provide you details of the financial Distributors who are best suited to address your financial needs. We also provide you with the opportunity to compare them on the basis of their qualifications, reviews, ratings, experience, distance and services and finally choose the one you think is the best.

The details of the Distributors will be sent to you thru sms and/or email. Now you can wait for the Distributors to contact you or you could contact the Distributor who is best suited to your needs.

The signing up requires your basic details - Name, City, Area, Mobile, email Id and password using which you can log-in to our site in future. It is designed in a user friendly manner and takes the least of your time. Once registered with us you can have access to all the facilities we provide for free, like our newsletter, feedback on your financial queries and much more.

It is absolutely free for Investors! Advisorkhoj.com is India's first and only Directory for financial Distributors made to address every Indian's Investment & financial needs through the help of a credible and qualified Financial Distributor.

Yes the information provided by you will remain confidential. When you have selected the city, area and the service and product you will be given the names and details of three financial Distributors based on your search. Those three Distributors only will have your contact details.

We have an option called "Post Your Queries" under the topic "Business with us". On opening the "Post your Queries" page you will be required to fill in a few details like the name, email and phone number, etc. Then describe your query in details. Please make sure that your query is related to personal finance, Taxes and investment domain or regarding our website. Your query will be forwarded to an expert from whom you will receive a feedback within a predetermined frame of time.

We have another feature called "Dial an Distributor" - All you have to do is dial 080-41706980 to find an Distributor in your neighbourhood. Soon after the call you will be provided with details of three Distributors who we think are best suited to address your needs.

Alternatively, you may also write to us for finding a Financial Distributor at connect@advisorkhoj.com or give us a "missed call" on 080 6773 0026

Disclaimer: The information has been compiled to present the reader with simplistic explanation of terms / concepts related to Investment advice or Investment & Financial Distributors. The terms do not purport to explain or interpret the Regulations, Acts, Rules, Circulars from the regulator, Laws or Guidelines. Please always take expert advice before your investments. Mutual Fund Investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully. Insurance is the subject matter of the solicitation.