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Earlier this year, Edelweiss Asset Management Company received the mandate from the Government of India to manage an exchange traded fund (ETF) which will invest in bonds of Public Sector Companies. Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are financial instruments which invest in a basket of securities (e.g. stocks, bonds, commodities...

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The stock market has been volatile for many months now but this is not a new phenomenon. We have experienced similar conditions several times in the past and the magnitude of price corrections have been bigger than what we...

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Last week, two young professionals, one aged 26 years and the other 34 years, both working at the same company in the same city, with reasonable similar family backgrounds, came to seek advice on investing. As we discussed...

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The goal of retirement planning is to accumulate a corpus that will ensure your financial independence and maintain lifestyle during a period where your only source of income is from your investments. Retired lives can be long (20...

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I've met people for whom retirement is scary, an end to golden years of income, a life of uncertainty without the cushy corporate job, income, and perks. And I've met people for whom retirement is a “can't wait”, a beginning of a more flexible...

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Every day and every month is a new month in the markets, and when I refer markets, it's safe to say both equity and debt markets. In the last six months, we have not only witnessed equity market corrections, but also flood of news...

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One of the most important classifications of equity mutual fund schemes is by market capitalization profile of the underlying scheme portfolio. Market capitalization is defined as the share price of a company multiplied by the...

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At the end of the financial year, when we review our investments, particularly in years like one that just passed – volatile, uncertain, confusing – we often reflect on all the mistakes we as investors made. Not grabbing opportunities...

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The goal of retirement planning is to achieve financial independence in your retirement years without comprising on your lifestyle. In the absence of a regular monthly salary in your retirement, the income from your savings will...

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Inevitably every year, India celebrates the break out achievements of some exceptional women, whether it is Hima Das or PV Sindhu a few years ago, or more recently Gita Gopinath, the first Indian women serving as Chief...

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EAML is amongst the fastest growing asset management companies, being an asset management subsidiary of Edelweiss Financial Services Ltd., one of India’s leading financial services group since last 21 years with a proven track record of quality and innovation. Edelweiss AML is present across 11 locations across the country. EAML offers a suite of differentiated asset management products and the unique knowledge proposition focusing on building a strong connect with advisors and customers. At Edelweiss AMC, the aim is to come up with truly innovative ideas that doesn’t exist today and bridge the gap between what investors want and what the industry has to offer.

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