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What is the benefit of mutual fund STP

I make Rs. 5000 STP weekly, from liquid fund to equity fund. Every time STP is done, I will have short term capital gains on debt fund. If STP runs for a year or 2, the amount of tax out go is substantial, and I am already in 30% tax bracket. And the equity investment is still on negative side. What is the use of STP?

Aug 29, 2019 by Nandu, Kolar  |   Mutual Fund
Please note that STP is an effective way of riding the market volatility and benefit by rupee cost averaging of your unit prices. Please read more about STP here... Read More
How much to invest to meet target amount of Rs 2 Crores

I have Invested in MF and currently doing SIP of Rs. 2000 in following mentioned MF's. My Monthly expenses are Rs. 30,000, I am 29 years old working professional and will work for another 11 years before retiring at age of 40. My target amount at retirement is 2 crore. Please help me and analyse my investment. Scheme Details Category Current Value based on NAV Current Value Monthly SIP Aditya Birla Sun Life Equity Fund - Growth - Direct Plan: EQUITY - 706.9400, Rs. 11,41,121.34; Rs. 5000, Aditya BSL Tax Relief'96 Fund - (ELSS U/S 80C of IT ACT) - Growth - Direct Plan: EQUITY - 29.9800, Rs. 1,14,209.53 Rs. 10000; Indiabulls Liquid Fund - Direct Plan - Growth: CASH - 1876.0869, Rs. 47,211.73, Rs. 0; Kotak Standard Multicap Fund - Direct - Growth EQUITY 35.5410, Rs. 4,36,923.96, Rs. 50000?

Aug 26, 2019 by Dhiraj, Chennai  |   Mutual Fund
From your query, it is not clear how much exactly you are investing every month to meet this goal after 11 years. For your information, please note that a monthly SIP investment of Rs 72,000 is required to meet... Read More
Can I achieve my financial goals with my current mutual fund investments

I am the regular follower and I think it has really the change the way I used to think before about investments. Initially I used to put money randomly in various funds but now started with Goal based investing as suggested in various articles. Continuing to that I tried to create the portfolio as per my goals. Please review it and let me know your feedback, suggestions on remapping etc. Child Education: 7 years from now: Current cost of goal is around 20 lacs. Active running SIP's for this Goal as following:- 1. Kotak Multicap: Current investment: Rs. 25000, SIP: Rs. 10000 (split in 4, 2500 each every month on various dates); 2. Mirae Emerging: Current investment: Rs. 492000, SIP: 10000 (3 sips on various dates); 3. Relaiance liquid fund: Current investment: Rs. 257000. In addition to above I have some investments done randomly quite back, so I tagged them to my sons education goal instead of closing them. 1. Aditya Birla hybrid 95 fund: Rs. 96000, 2. SBI Hybrid Fund : Rs. 60000, 3. Motilal Oswal Multicap 35 Fund: Rs. 50000. Also I have recurring deposit running for Child education tenure 5 years from now Amount is Rs. 10000 each month, maturity 7 Lacs after 5 years. Retirement Planning: more then 15 years from now. Goal Amount 2 CR. 1. Parag Parikh Long Term Equity: Current investment: Rs. 25000, SIP: Rs. 8000 (split in 2, 4000 SIPs every month on various dates); 2. L&T Emerging business Fund: Current investment: Rs. 75000, SIP: 8000 (split in 2, 4000 SIPs every month on various dates). In addition to above I have some investments done randomly quite back, so I tagged them to my sons education goal instead of closing them. 1. Reliance Small Cap: Rs. 1 Lac, 2. Mirae Tax Saver: Rs. 32000, 3. ICICI Banking & Financial Fund: Rs. 40000, 4. EPF current contribution: Rs. 8000 per month, planning to increase my contribution more on it. Current worth: 10 Lacs, also I have recently started adding Nifty and Junior Nifty ETF, current worth: Around 1 Lacs. I am adding them on every 3-5% dip. As far as liabilities are concerned, I don't have any kind of loans on me. Please expert review my portfolio, I am more concerned about Child education. Please provide your valuable feedback, any addition, substraction etc?

Aug 24, 2019 by Manish, Mumbai  |   Financial Planning
From your query we could find that you have two goals – 1) Child education after 7 years from now, the current cost of which is Rs 20 Lakhs 2) Goal amount of 2 Crores for your retirement but you have not... Read More
Can you tell me return of various indices

Which is the best Indices as per 5 Years and 10 Years return? Nifty 50? Nifty Next50? Nifty midcap 50? Nifty 20 Value fund? Nifty midcap 100? Please tell me MF available in this best indices? And which MF is best for this indices?

Aug 19, 2019 by Dr. Ketan S Trivedi,   |   Mutual Fund
With regards to showing various best funds under each indices, we do not have an utility like that. However, you can check the return of various category of funds wherein we are comparing the fund returns with... Read More
What would be the post tax return on different investments

Please what will be ascending order of post tax return for a person in 30% tax slab, 1) PPF, 2) Arbitrage Fund, 3) Debt Fund, 4) Liquid Fund, for more than 3 years duration of investment?

Aug 18, 2019 by Sundeep, Haridwar  |   Taxation
Please note that excepting PPF, none of the MF scheme categories mentioned by you offer assured return, Therefore, telling the post tax return is difficult. However, we are giving below the taxation of each... Read More
Which Principal Mutual Fund scheme will be suitable for my retirement corpus

I want to invest for my retirement corpus, for the time horizon of 10years. I want to invest in one of the following two shortlisted mutual funds. Kindly advise which one is more suitable for me. 1) Principal Emerging Blue-chip Fund, 2) Principal Multi Cap Growth Fund. Or kindly suggest another fund of your choice?

Aug 16, 2019 by Sanjay Gargish,   |   Mutual Fund
You have selected two good schemes from Principal Mutual Fund stable - Principal Emerging Blue-chip Fund and Principal Multi Cap Growth Fund. Principal Emerging Blue-chip Fund is a large and mid cap fund... Read More
What is the minimum holding period for availing NCD interest

To receive yearly Interest from NCDs of Corporate Companies, is there any minimum period of holding the NCDs (Apart from complying the Record Date)?

Aug 4, 2019 by Sudhakar C, Hyderabad  |   Financial Advisory
The minimum period of holding vary from one issue to the other in case of NCDs. Please note that when you subscribe to a NCD you know the date on which the NCD will mature. If you are holding the NCD... Read More
In which mutual fund can I invest for short term period

I want to invest my business fund for short duration in which which product and fund is good. I need a fund which do not attract tax and there will be flexibility of where ever we want we can withdraw funds?

Aug 3, 2019 by Chirag Agrawal,   |   Mutual Fund
It seems that you want to park your surpluses lying in bank account in mutual funds to earn superior return! Yes, mutual funds have that solution! Please read this... Read More
Can you please show the calculation method for selecting top consistent performing funds

I wanted to know about your calculation or method for top Consistence Funds you have shown, if possible send me your details calculation sheet for any one category like mid cap funds. Because I short listed some of funds by rolling returns calculation but those are different from your top consistence list so kindly share your calculation or method to me?

Jul 30, 2019 by Abhishek Shah, Surat  |   Mutual Fund
Thanks for writing to us. Kindly note that the methodology for selecting the 'most consistent funds' is provided at the footer of the result. Please check this url... Read More
How can I invest Rs 10 Lakhs

Want to invest 10 lacs?

Jul 28, 2019 by Dr. Pradip Kumar Chatterjee,   |   Mutual Fund
You have mentioned that you want to invest Rs 10 Lakhs in mutual funds. But the most important criteria for investing in mutual funds is your risk taking appetite and the investment time horizon. Details of... Read More
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