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Advisorkhoj Appreciations

K. Ramesh Bhat, CFPCM, CPFA,


Posted on: Dec 7, 2013

Great concept it is India's first online directory for Financial Advisors. You not only help the advisors to get a lead for them, but at the same time you also help the needy customer to choose and compare a best available advisor details. Good Initiative. God bless your team

Vaidarbhi Lad,


Posted on: Dec 7, 2013

I expand my clientele through referrals and getting associated with ADVISOR KHOJ which provides me a platform to publish my views on investment strategies

Shifali Satsangee, Funds Vedaa,


Posted on: Dec 7, 2013

Advisorkhoj for you- A unique and creative entrepreneurial concept/idea which metamorphosed into a successful site consisting of a multi-disciplinary team with an integrated communications approach which ensures that your online marketing strategy translates into results. These services have culminated from a deep understanding of the business needs and thorough market research. Funds V'edaa congratulates their team and wishes them success for their future ventures

Nitesh Rana,


Posted on: Dec 1, 2013

Advisorkhoj is a one stop shop for all my financial requirements from tax filings to financial planning. The website delivers a much more compatible result & makes the uneasy task of seeking out a financial advisor on the net easy by looking for an advisor "nearer to me". Something that helps builds an instant connect with respect to financial aspirations. Advisorkhoj filters the advisors information to provide material context like education, experience and proximity to help simplify the process of selecting the right advisor.

Sushil Jain

Posted on: March 9, 2013

Right move. This is requirement of time and people are really needed to their satisfaction with full fact advisory and so the move will be beneficial to investors as well as us for better future of both and for the growth of MF industries.

Srikanth V Kulkarni

Posted on: March 8, 2013

A good initiative,. I think will help all the three stake holders.

Awadhesh Kumar

Posted on: March 7, 2013

It's a great idea and we all should wish it well. Perhaps it will take sometime to become fully operational and effective but it will certainly be a watershed in the life of IFAs who have been targeted and harangued continuously by SEBI. It will bring the investors to the Advisor and can usher in the much hyped fee-based advisory model into operation. The originator of the idea, Mr Pradip Chakraborty deserves kudos.

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