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Small cap mutual funds are equity mutual fund schemes which invest at least 65% of their assets in small cap stocks. SEBI categorizes 251st and smaller companies by market capitalization as small cap companies. Small cap companies are smaller than midcap and large cap companies in terms of market share, revenues and earnings per...Read More

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Overnight funds are debt mutual funds which invest in overnight securities having maturity of one day. These can be debt or money market securities having balance maturity of one day or overnight securities where issuer (borrower)borrows “overnight” from the investors (lenders). The issuer has to repay the principal amount along with...Read More

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ITI Mutual Fund has launched ITI Long Term Equity Fund on July 15, 2019, an Equity Linked Savings Scheme (ELSS) new funds offering. Equity Linked Savings Schemes are essentially open ended diversified equity mutual fund...Read More

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The scheme aims to generate low risk returns for investors by predominantly investing in arbitrage opportunities in the cash and the derivative segments of the equity markets and the arbitrage opportunities available within the...Read More

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Savings bank is the default choice for most individuals and families for parking their savings for short periods. Savings bank provides high liquidity and convenience to account holders. You can draw money from your savings...Read More

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Multi-Cap funds are equity mutual fund schemes which invest across industry sectors and market capitalization segments i.e. large cap, midcap and small cap. These mutual funds tend to perform well across different market...Read More

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Most households have idle money lying in their savings bank account. Depending on your income levels, the amount of balance in your savings bank accounts may vary, but money lying idle in savings bank is not productive...Read More

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