Tell me if the selected SIP funds are good or not

I have gone through various Articles of Advisorkhoj. I am really impress and thank full to you for giving such a Important and essential Articles for Investments. I am 36 year old and I have just started SIP of Rs 5000 Mutual Funds. Details are follows - Franklin India Blue Chip Fund, ICICI Prudent Value Discovery, Motilal Oswal Most Focused 30. Request you to please guide on this?

Sep 28, 2015 by Shlok Gaikwad, Chinchwad  |   Systematic Investment Plan

Thank you for your appreciation. It is our endeavour to increase awareness and provide insights to our readers about financial planning and investments. Please continue to follow us. As regards the funds you have chosen, these are among the top performing ones in their respective categories, namely large cap, midcap and diversified flexicap fund categories. You can continue your SIP in these funds. However, you should continue to monitor the performance of these funds, by going to our research section - Top Performing Systematic Investment Plan and also review your investments with your financial advisor from time to time.

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