Advisorkhoj Mission and Vision Statements

The reason for creating advisorkhoj is to bridge the gap between all the stakeholders in personal finance domain in India, Investors - Distributors - Manufacturers.


In a country where the population is more than 1 billion it is rather alarming to note that less than 10% of the masses are active investors or savers while more than nine hundred million are yet to make their first investment. Such statistics are in spite of the fact that the country's first modern form of life insurance came in 1818 from England, first general Insurance company in 1907 and first Unit Trust (UTI) was formed in 1964. Also the fact that there are twenty four Life Insurers, twenty-seven general insurers and more than forty asset management companies at present! Even the presence of more than one million Insurance and Financial product agents/Distributors seemed minuscule to reach this population of one billion plus.

The reason for creating advisorkhoj is to bridge the gap between all the stakeholders, Investors - Distributors - Manufacturers. While the investor can search the most suitable financial Distributor for fulfillment of his financial goals, the Distributor can establish him as an aid to that with the help of innovative solutions offered by the manufacturer. As a bridge, our endeavor would be to collaborate, converge and create

Yes, you heard that right! There is a gap and our portal is an attempt to bridge that gap. On one hand we have the masses that are financially illiterate and ignorant about the various investing avenues. On the other hand, we have Financial Distributors who are passing through a recessionary period and the increasing regulations obstructing them from exercising complete professional independence. Needless to mention, the retail investors are reluctant to pay Distributors any fees for their services at a time when the changing regulations reduced it drastically.

Vision Statement

To make every Indian an "informed" Investor and help achieve his "Financial Goals" by offering services of credible and qualified Financial Distributors and Distributors.

To establish financial advisory as a respectable profession by equipping Indian Financial Distributors with a face on the web with universal visibility and access and helping them create their own Brand Identity

To channelize the household savings into right financial instruments not only to bring about financial literacy among the population, but in the process also make the country grow its GDP through the benefit arising out of the sectoral growth of financial services industry with increased awareness and resultant business growth.

To perform it profitably so that we can have a robust innovation pipeline and thus continuously provide the platform ready to offer Financial Solutions which helps the Indian Financial Markets to mature and compete globally.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to educate the population of the country into financial literacy by bringing all stake holders in one platform, thereby bringing about a unique mix of social , education and business cause into one common theme in this platform, making it win-win for all the stake holders who include:

  • Manufacturers

  • Financial Distributors and Distributors

  • Customers at large

  • Government and regulatory bodies

  • Educational Bodies