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Simple asset allocation strategies for different risk profiles

In our blog, we have often discussed that asset allocation is the single most important factor in ensuring success of our financial goals. In the broader sense, asset allocation includes a variety of asset classes like equity, fixed... Read More

Did you know the importance of PE Ratio

If you follow the stock market, you will often hear statements like, the market is over-valued or under-valued, this stock is expensive and that stock is cheap etc. What does over-valued or under-valued, expensive or cheap mean in... Read More

Growth or Dividend Option of a mutual fund: Which is better

There are several misconceptions regarding Growth and Dividend options among some mutual fund investors and financial advisors. Some people say growth option is better while others think that, dividend option is better. One is not... Read More

Should you invest in Long Term Debt funds or avoid

After the last monetary policy announcement by the RBI in February, I read several articles and news reports where the financial experts were asking investors to avoid long term debt funds. Strangely enough, just 3 - 4 months back... Read More

How are some people able to take early retirement

Rishi, a school friend of mine, left his job as a senior executive in one of the largest IT Enabled Services companies in India three years back to pursue his personal interests.Rishi was 41 when he retired from his professional career... Read More

Should you invest in Dividend Yield funds

In the last few years high dividend yield stocks have caught the investors fancy. Mutual funds investing in high dividend yield stocks are also catching the investor’s attention. The appeal of high dividend yield stocks in understandable... Read More

The importance of market benchmarks in mutual funds

Are relative returns important for mutual funds? Some financial advisors say that investors should be concerned only about absolute returns. If investors are able to meet their financial goals through mutual funds, it does not matter how... Read More

What is a reasonable rate of return from equity mutual funds

A couple of years back, the missus and I went to our bank branch for some work. As my wife was patiently waiting for her turn (while I was playing a car racing video game on the Ipad), a young relationship manager approached her... Read More

Why you should not ignore Debt Mutual Funds

In 2015 and 2016 debt mutual funds year to date on an average have outperformed equity funds. Investors with a long term investment horizon should not be concerned with equity underperformance over the last 2 years... Read More

Impact of short term prices on long term returns of your investments

The last 6 months have been interesting for the stock market. After a 3 month rally starting in March, concerns about Brexit, US Interest Rates, uncertainty about the outcome of US Presidential Elections and demonetization have... Read More

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