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Which mutual funds is best to invest in lieu of Fixed Deposits

In Advisorkhoj queries we often get questions like, “which mutual funds to invest in lieu of Fixed Deposits” from multiple investors. A related question that we also often get is that, “my FD is maturing. I will not like to renew because... Read More

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SIP in Mutual Fund: Best dates to do mutual fund SIPs

Every day we get numerous queries of multiple natures pertaining to mutual funds in Advisorkhoj.com. Queries range from questions regarding mutual fund schemes, asset allocation, lump sum or Systematic Investment... Read More

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Why diversified equity mutual funds are good long term investment choice

Equity Mutual funds are the best choice for retail investors as far as creating long term wealth is concerned. This is simply because in the long term, equity mutual funds are the best options because equities as an asset class... Read More

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How to select best performing mutual funds: Importance of past performance

In the previous part of our post, Returns expectations from mutual funds: How Important is past performance, we discussed how to form future returns expectations, without relying on historical mutual fund... Read More

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Returns expectations from mutual funds: How Important is past performance

I sometimes hear financial advisors saying that, this mutual fund will give 20% compounded annual returns, if held for the next 10 years. I ask them, on what basis are they making this projection and the answer that I often... Read More

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How important is past performance in mutual fund selection: Part 1

We often read in mutual fund related articles that, one should not select mutual fund schemes based on their past performance because historical performance is not an indicator of future performance. The articles or blog posts... Read More

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How to avoid common mistakes for a stress free retirement

Most people in India usually do not take retirement planning very seriously until they reach middle age (mid 40s or early 50s). In the past, people lived in joint families, lifestyles were simple and small savings interest rates were high... Read More

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Investing in large cap funds versus midcap equity mutual funds

Small and midcap equity mutual funds have been very popular with retail investors over the last three years or so. The popularity of small and midcap funds among investors can be ascribed to the performance of... Read More

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Five Life Stages of Investing

Savings and investment is a journey that begins when we start to work and continues throughout our lives. Wealth managers around the world describe the savings and investment journey in different life stages. While different... Read More

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Is Equity superior to Gold as an Asset Class

In our previous blog post on this topic, Why do we love gold: The economic value of gold, we had discussed the love for the Gold in our country. Despite several legislations aimed at reducing imports of foreign exchange guzzling... Read More

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