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How long did Mutual Fund SIPs take to recover from the worst market crashes

I started my investment journey in April or May 1998. I had a lot of interest in the stock market going back to my university days, but the beginning of my investment journey was one of the worst times for the stock market... Read More

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Importance of Asset Allocation in volatile markets

Though the stock market had a great run for the last few years, this year the market has turned volatile. The Nifty 50 index has fallen around 10% in the last two months and more cuts in the near term are possible. The... Read More

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Avoid these investing mistakes to create wealth through mutual funds

Mutual Funds is a way of investing ones savings into a pool of funds that goes into various assets like equities, debt and gold etc. depending on the fund choice made by the investor. One can go for investing in equity... Read More

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6 Reasons why your money is not growing in Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds are a form of investment wherein investors with similar financial objectives invest their money in mutual funds schemes which invests in equities, bonds, securities and/or money market instruments depending... Read More

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5 strategies to make you a successful Mutual Fund Investor

Mutual Funds are a form of investment wherein investors with similar financial objectives invest the money in equities, bonds and other securities. It is a pool of money from various investors which is professionally managed... Read More

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Know the 10 Commandments of Mutual Fund Investing

You may have heard it many times when you are in the world of mutual fund investments - "Don’t time the market, steer clear of greed and envy, and be prepared to wait". Investingsmartly in mutual funds may sound... Read More

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Debt Mutual Fund investments: What are the Myth versus Reality

Despite growing investor awareness and popularity of mutual funds in India, investor interest in debt mutual funds is still lukewarm in the retail segment. In fact, most retail investors in India normally associate mutual funds... Read More

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How to select best mutual funds: lessons from football

We get many queries in Advisorkhoj asking for our opinion on which mutual fund schemes to invest in order to get the best return in the future. There are thousands of funds with different risk / return characteristics and... Read More

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5 Myths you need to know about Mid Cap and Small Cap Funds

Generally, stocks are classified into large-cap, mid-cap, and small-cap based on their current market capitalization. The term 'Market capitalization' with reference to a company is the total number of its outstanding... Read More

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5 reasons why you should invest in Mutual Funds

The questions above and others along a similar pattern are the ones an advisor, a finance content writer or anyone in this stream answers regularly because people, in general, have similar doubts regarding investing.. Read More

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