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Multi-Asset funds are hybrid mutual fund schemes which invest in different asset classes like equity, fixed income, gold etc. The fund manager decides the proportional allocation to each asset class based on the market conditions with the objective of balancing risks and returns. Multi-asset...

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September 2019 was an interesting month for the stock market. The month started on a volatile note with the Nifty falling nearly 300 points and then rallied furiously, gaining nearly 900 points in just two trading sessions on the back of the Corporate Tax cut announced by the Government...

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There is a heated public debate about the economic slowdown in India. Most sensible people are not arguing whether we are facing a slowdown because the signs are clear; the debate about how serious the situation is. Is this just a slowdown or a recession? The generally accepted definition of recession is two consecutive quarters of negative...

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When making investment decisions, most investors want to know how much returns they will get from their investments. While returns are obviously important, another important factor, liquidity, is not often given the...

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In our last post on Systematic Transfer Plan (STP),What should the ideal tenure of a STP in Large Cap Mutual Funds,we discussed about the dilemma which investors face when investing in equity mutual funds through STP...

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Systematic Transfer Plan (STP) is a mutual fund investment plan in which you can invest your lump sum money in a low risk mutual fund scheme, usually liquid fund and then transfer systematically fixed amounts every...

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The bullishness in stock market post the Balakot airstrike started ebbing out since polling for 2019 Lok Sabha elections began in the middle of April 2019. In the last 1 week or so, we saw erosion of nearly Rs 5 lakh Crore...

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It is very encouraging to note that debt mutual funds are gaining traction with retail investors. As per CRISIL, the debt mutual fund folios as a percentage of total individual investors’ folios increased to 14% in December 2018...

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Since the election season is upon us, let me begin this article with a political analogy. If you look at elections over the past 30 years or so, they have been won or lost mostly due to the failures of the previous Governments...

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Bank term deposits or fixed deposits (FDs) are default investment choices for most retail investors in our country. They assure safety of invested amount and fixed rate of return. However, if investors are ready to forgo...

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