Make Your Money Work Harder!

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Make Your Money Work Harder!

Wouldn't it be nice to have the spending power of your income increase with time?

To do so you can either put away your 'not to be spent income' in traditional saving routes, or you can invest and make your money work harder. Thereby, giving you more money to spend on the new gadget, the international holiday, education, marriage, or anything that money can buy.

Simply put, Investing can help you increase your spending power.

So remember:

  • Saving

    - placing your money in traditional saving instruments

  • Investing

    - directing your money to suitable investment solutions may help make your dreams a reality!

There are several external factors that can impact your income. Investing could help you enjoy the following benefits:

  • Manage Inflation

    Cost of living has increased, and no matter where you live, everything around has become more expensive. So, over time, you need more money to buy the same quantity / quality of goods or services. Returns earned from your investments can enable you to manage your inflation-related financial burden better.

  • Manage Personal Financial Crisis

    Personal emergencies sometimes cause financial stress. An emergency fund, through the returns on your investments, can help manage some of your financial stress.
    Emergency fund = ready cash at home (about 20% of the fund amount) + investment in a highly liquid investment solution to withdraw whenever the need be.

  • Enjoy Unearned Income

    Interest, dividends, bonus, capital gains, etc can be unearned income to be used during a financial emergency or for managing inflation or for creating wealth

  • Fulfill your Financial Dreams With Minimal Burden

    Once you start earning, you start making plans like; owning a car, taking an international holiday, buying a house, planning your children’s education or your retirement and so on. And with every increase in your income, the list only gets longer. Investments, big or small, made over a period of time, can enable you to make your dreams a reality.

  • Create Financial Security

    Investing, no matter how small you begin, provides financial security, as it creates wealth that can be used for your planned / unplanned financial goals.

Most dreams are linked to money and by regularly investing a calculated amount of your income in appropriate investment solutions;you can make your money work as hard as you do towards achieving your goals.

Always remember to make Informed Investment Decisions and Invest Correctly.

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