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Most retail investors keep their savings primarily in traditional fixed income investments like Bank Fixed Deposits, Government Small Savings Schemes etc. With the RBI hiking repo rates to 6.25%, the interest rates of Bank FDs and Government Small Savings Schemes have also gone up. However, investors may...

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There is relatively less awareness of this debt mutual fund category. Constant duration funds invest in Government bonds and maintain a constant duration of their portfolio of bonds. A debt fund with constant duration of 10 years will maintain the 10 year duration irrespective of interest rate cycles. Before we delve...

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Multicap is an equity investment strategy, where the investment is spread across different market capitalization segments. Market capitalization of a stock is the share price of a stocks multiplied by the total number of shares outstanding. Investors use market cap to denote a company’s size. Different market cap segments have...

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Tax payers can claim deduction of up to Rs 150,000 from their taxable income by investing in certain eligible schemes specified under Section 80C of Income tax Act. There are several investment options under Section 80C for different needs and risk appetites. Unfortunately many investors look at tax planning, purely from...

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As per recently released US Government data, the US Gross Domestic Product (GDP) contracted for second successive quarter in 2022. When the GDP declines for two consecutive quarters, it indicates that the economy may go into recession. However, the US equity markets continue to be strong for the last 2 months. The July...

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Short term funds, also known as short duration funds, are debt mutual fund schemes which invest short term debt and money market instruments like corporate bonds, commercial papers, certificates of deposits, short term Gilts etc. As per SEBI’s mandate the average Macaulay Duration of the short duration funds should...

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Passive funds have become popular in India over the past few years. Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) is now the largest mutual fund category in terms of Assets under Management (AUM). As per AMFI data, AUM of passive funds stood at more than Rs 5 lakh crores, as on 29th April 2022. A large part of the AUM in passive...

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India’s retail inflation (CPI) had surged to an 18 month record high in April 2022. While inflation over the past 12 months has been well above RBI’s long term target of 4.5%, CPI inflation spiked up further after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. India is not alone, as far as high inflation is concerned; high inflation is a global...

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How will you select good mutual fund scheme will give you good returns in the future? Most investors look at short term performance of schemes – top performing schemes in the last one or two years. But this is not the right approach. Short term performance is biased by prevailing market conditions. A particular scheme may outperform...

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Three types of investor behaviours can be observed in volatile market. Some investors panic and redeem their investments when market crashes; this is usually harmful for the long term interests of the investor. On the other extreme, there are some investors who prefer to invest when the market corrects; these investors can get...

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