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Most equity investors prefer to invest in domestic equity. Investors feel that they understand the domestic stock market including its risks better. While it is true, investors should also understand that, investing only in domestic equity, exposes them to single country risk, even if the country in question is their home country. Investors...

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SEBI has banned sale of digital gold by brokers in stock exchanges. In a letter to the stock exchanges, the regulator informed the exchanges that trading (buying / selling) of digital gold through online platforms of its members (brokers) is in contravention of Securities Contracts (Regulation) Rules (SCRR), 1957 and that...

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Nippon India Passive Flexi cap Fund of Funds is a fund of funds (FOF) which invests across all three market cap segments i.e. large cap, midcap and small cap. The fund was launched in December 2020 and has given 33% CAGR returns since inception (as on 3rd September 2021). The fund of funds follows a passive strategy by...

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BSE Sensex Index is the benchmark index that tracks the performance of portfolio of 30 blue-chip companies. It includes 30 largest companies by market capitalization in the Bombay Stock Exchange. Sensex along with the Nifty 50, are the two leading market indices in India. They are considered to be the barometers of the entire...

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Flexicap funds are diversified equity mutual fund schemes which can invest across market cap segments. There are no upper or lower limits with respect to allocations to any market cap segment. The fund managers of these schemes can invest any percentage of their assets in any market cap segment viz. large cap, midcap and small...

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Balanced Advantage Funds are a type of hybrid mutual funds which follow dynamic asset allocation strategy. Hybrid funds invest in multiple asset classes e.g. equity, debt, gold, real estate etc. As per SEBI’s mandate Balanced Advantage Funds can invest from 0 to 100% in equity and from 0 to 100% in debt as per their asset allocation...

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Multicap funds are diversified equity mutual fund schemes which invest across market cap segments i.e. large cap, midcap and small caps. Multicap funds have historically been one of the most popular mutual fund categories among investors in India. In November 2020, the market regulator SEBI introduced a new fund category called...

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We are living in the technology era. In the last 20 – 25 years, technology has been the biggest driver of change in businesses, industries and the global economy. The Top 5 companies by market capitalization in S&P 500 index (the index of the largest 500 companies in the US) are all technology companies e.g. Apple, Microsoft, Amazon...

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Debt mutual funds offer investors a variety of solutions for different types of risk profiles and investment needs. Investors usually have three considerations when investing in debt funds viz. low risk, higher returns compared to traditional investments and visibility of returns. In this blog post, we will discuss "rolling down SDL", a good investment...

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We have discussed a number of times in our blog that Systematic Investment Plans is the ideal way of investing for your long term goals. An important factor in wealth creation is investment tenure due to power of compoundingover time. Longer your investment tenure, greater is the effect of compounding. Mutual fund SIPs enable you to...

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