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How can I get 1 Crore term plan cover

I need a Term Plan, can you suggest me I was thinking of Aegon Life Insurance it is cheaper from others, I want now more about this company when it was launched and is it trust worthy to invest in this company I need 1 Crore policy but my ITR returns is 3.25 gross profit for that they are giving only 46.00 + Lakhs, if I enter my 10.00 lakhs income which I am not having for 1 Crore policy, does they Verify my ITR?

May 16, 2017 by Suneel Kumar, Raichur  |   Life Insurance

Let us address your second question first. Income proof is required for buying term life policies. Different companies have different policy approval procedures, but it is quite likely that they will verify the income proof submitted by you. If you are self employed then you have to furnish your income tax returns of the last few years as income proof.

Coming to your first question, Aegon Life Insurance commenced operations in 2008 in India. Though Aegon Life Insurance is among the smaller private life insurance companies in India, the claim settlement ratio of Aegon Life is quite good. The claim settlement ratio was 95% in FY 2016, which was one of the highest among the private life insurers.

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