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Which mutual fund is best to invest from my selection

I was investing in few SIP but now I want to switch to NRI account, so I need to close the SIP and start new SIP. so I need suggest to start SIP for 2 needs, one is for long term with monthly SIPs below are few short listed with the break down of allocation Birla Sun Life Advantage Fund - Regular Growth - 20%, Birla Sun Life Equity Fund - Growth - Regular Plan - 20%, HDFC Equity Fund - Growth Option - 20%, ICICI Prudential Value Discovery Fund - 20%, SBI Blue Chip Fund - Direct Plan - Growth - 20%, Reliance Equity Opportunities Fund - Growth Plan - Growth Option - Growth - 20%, Short Term (5 years) Reliance Small Cap Fund - Growth Plan - Growth Option - Growth- 40%, L&T India Large Cap Fund - Direct Plan - Growth - 20%, DSP BlackRock Micro Cap Fund - Direct Plan - Growth - 20%, Mirae Asset Emerging Blue Chip Fund - Direct Plan - Growth - 20%. So please advise if the funds and allocations are okay and also if any suggestion?

Aug 30, 2017 by Satish, Nagpur  |   Mutual Fund
You have rightly segregated the long term and short investment needs. For your long term needs almost all the scheme selection is good excepting Reliance Equity Opportunities Fund which we think you can... Read More

Which is the best performing mutual funds that I should invest

I wish to invest 300000 for 7-10 year. Which MF or any other instruments is good with respect to best return & safety too?

Aug 30, 2017 by Vimal Purohit, Baroda  |   Mutual Fund
As you want to invest for 7-10 years you can invest in large cap equity funds and balanced funds. We could have suggested you diversified or mid-cap funds as well but not doing so as you have mentioned that... Read More

Which mutual fund is best to invest for next 5 years

I kept 10 lac separate which is not being used by me and I want to get regular income please suggest me in which fund I have to invest but on the other hand market is all time high I am fearing my capital erosion please advice what to do? I need not this money for next five years?

Aug 30, 2017 by Geetanjali Bhardwaj, New Delhi  |   Mutual Fund
From your query, it is not clear whether you need the regular return from your mutual fund investments with immediate effect or after 5 years. The other thing is that investment in mutual funds should be... Read More

Which is the best mutual fund to invest through STP

First of all thank you for spreading education among people and want to confirm that can we STP from any fund of any AMC or only through liquid fund please advice?

Aug 30, 2017 by Krishan Bhardwaj, New Delhi  |   Mutual Fund
You are most welcome and thanks for the kind words about our work. With regards to STPs, please note that it can be done from one fund to the other within the same AMC. STPs cannot be done from one... Read More

Which are best dividend mutual funds in India

Please advise updated ideal and profitable monthly dividend mutual funds as well as like Quarterly Dividend Mutual Funds like Reliance Retirement Wealth Creation Mutual Fund wherein to decide and choose the one which will help specially to the retired people who had no pension opted for it.

Aug 30, 2017 by Swamy,   |   Mutual Fund
From you query, we find that you want to know which are the top performing mutual funds, which mutual fund schemes pay quarterly or monthly dividends and the option to draw a regular return from mutual... Read More

Which mutual fund is best to invest with moderate risk

I am retiring on 31.08.17. I will get pension enough for my expenses. Please advice me how can I invest about Rs. 40 Lacs taking moderate risk for my two daughters who are dependent on me partially?

Aug 30, 2017 by Sarbani Sengupta,   |   Mutual Fund
As your pension is sufficient to meet your monthly expenses etc., we are assuming your investment of Rs 40 Lakh will be for the long term. If it is so you can invest in balanced mutual funds. Balanced Mutual... Read More

Which mutual fund is best to invest to get regular return

Please let me know what find gives a regular return. I am a senior citizen?

Aug 29, 2017 by R Das,   |   Mutual Fund
This is a very long topic and we discussed this many a time through this section. Therefore, we... Read More

Which is best mutual fund for SIP for my daughter

I am regular reader of your article. I am not an advisor. But I am regular investor through SIP. Now I want to start new SIP for my daughter 25 years old, KYC is ok for long term 2500/Rs can save. Would you suggest best MF for SIP?

Aug 29, 2017 by Sanjay Ingale, Pune  |   Mutual Fund
Good to know that you are already investing in mutual fund SIPs. As your daughter is only 25 years old, you can guide her to invest in diversified equity mutual funds. Diversified equity mutual funds invest across... Read More

Which are the best mutual funds to invest in India for NRIs

I am an NRI working in Kuwait and looking to invest about 10L currently with a plan to invest about 30,000 monthly and sometimes maybe higher. I would like to have monthly returns after retirement in 5 years. My aspirations are as follows - 1. All funds to be repatriable, meaning taken in dollars whenever needed, 2. Must be able to provide return monthly returns at some point in time from now, 3. In case anything unfortunate happens here at work or in Kuwait, need to be able to close the fund and clear the loan, 4. Tax free returns are preferable, 5. Must be in legitimate source or fund and must be diversified among several funds to avoid depreciation of all capital in case of unfortunate events, 6. I must be able to take loan against this mutual funds to construct my house in India or abroad, 7. Whatever money I withdraw a month should be less than the rate the money grows. So there is net growth in total, 8. If I don't need money any month, I can reinvest it that month when the repayment period starts, 9. should have option to input funds monthly and also option to input chunks of money as when I get them, 10. Must have good growth potential equity and aggressive is better. Awaiting your response. What is your fee structure? How do you charge fees? Kindly let me know how we can proceed?

Aug 29, 2017 by Hansen D'souza,   |   Mutual Fund
Please note the following suggestions in context to your queries - To repatriate funds you should invest from NRE account. Monthly income can be availed by withdrawing a fixed monthly amount through SWP... Read More

How could I transact through direct plans of mutual funds

I wish to seek your advice on mutual fund direct plans. These plans do offer a lot of extra savings. How good and effective are these in long term? Could you suggest some platforms for the same? Where all the facilities are there e.g. Capital gain/ loss statements, portfolio tracking ETC. What are charges ETC of these platforms?

Aug 29, 2017 by Rajesh Chadha,   |   Mutual Fund
Direct plan of mutual funds do offer less expense ratios as there is no involvement of an intermediary. However, direct plans are meant only for investors who can do everything on their own - right from fund... Read More
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