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Mutual Fund Queries

From where to select top mid cap and large cap funds

I need top 5 mid cap and large cap fund I need top 5 mid cap and large cap fund name?

Oct 19, 2016 by Santanu Mitra,   |   Mutual Fund
We have reviewed top mid and small cap funds for investing in 2016 which please go through... Read More

Where to invest lump sum amount for one year

I am 30 year old single guy and want to invest lump sum amount of 8 lacs for 1 year. My goal is to build corpus for buying home after 1 year. Please suggest in which mutual funds I should invest this money. Also I want to invest 20000 every month in SIP. Please suggest mutual funds for the same. I also want to invest 5000 a month for tax saving funds. Please suggest few ELSS tax saving funds. I am the sole earning member in the family and have 3 dependants, so my risk capacity is moderate. I have 15 lacs invested in bank FDs. I will be getting married next year, so would need a good amount of money for the same. Please suggest should I continue with the bank FDs or any changes are required to that. I am also open to invest in any other entity apart from mutual funds provided there is an option for liquidity and risk factor is low/moderate?

Oct 19, 2016 by Pankaj, Ahmedabad  |   Mutual Fund
For investing your lump sum amount for one year, you should go with liquid funds. Please check... Read More

How to get my investment details from Mirae Asset

I applied for investment in mid cap investment fund i.e., Mirae Assets Emerging Blue Chip Fund with monthly subscription 2000 p.m. wef. October 2016. But still I have not got any response from your end. Whether any shortcoming found in the form or otherwise. Please give me early reply so that I can do needful or stop it. early action may be solicited please?

Oct 17, 2016 by Laxman Singh, Pilibhit  |   Mutual Fund
Please note that for your investments in Mirae Asset you need to contact the AMC directly at... Read More

Is my SIP fund selection good for the long term

I am 32 years old from Delhi. I am investing in MF SIP as follows: Franklin India Prima Plus 2000, Franklin India Prima Fund 4000, Franklin India Smaller Companies 4000, DSP BlackRock Micro Cap Fund 4000 from last 1 year. All SIP in direct mode and Growth option. I want to invest Rs. 5000 per month more in SIP. Please suggest good funds and advise my fund selection is good or not. My investment horizon is long term?

Oct 17, 2016 by Sandeep Gupta, Delhi  |   Mutual Fund
You have selected aggressive equity funds for your long term SIP. If your risk taking ability is high then the fund selection is good. The selected funds are top performers amongst their respective categories... Read More

Which is a good fund for long term investing

I want to invest 5000 in MF as SIP. Please suggest me which funds is the top best for long time?

Oct 14, 2016 by Arun, Gwalior  |   Mutual Fund
Please note that for long term investing, diversified equity mutual funds are best if you are willing to take risk. You may select a fund fro your SIP investment from the following research tool of Advisorkhoj... Read More

Do you think the funds chosen by me are good or can you suggest good funds

I am Rohit Jain, 28 yrs. Currently I have SIP in Franklin India Smaller Co. Fund (Rs.3000), Franklin India Prima Fund (Rs.3000), Birla SL Frontline Fund (Rs.5000), Kotak Select Focus Fund (Rs.5000), DSPBR Micro Cap Fund (Rs.5000), ICICI PRU Value Discovery Fund (Rs.5000). I want to start more SIP, for this I am considering Principal Emerging Bluechip Fund, Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund. I want to invest for long term (Min. 10 years). Do you think the above funds are good or can you suggest me good funds?

Oct 14, 2016 by Rohit Jain, Mumbai  |   Mutual Fund
Your fund selection is good and these are amongst top performing in their respective categories. The three funds you have chosen out of six are from mid and small cap category, two are from diversified category... Read More

Can you provide details about debt and liquid funds

Give best in details about liquid & debt fund?

Oct 14, 2016 by Sukumar Samui, Nagpur  |   Mutual Fund
To know about liquid funds in details, do read the following contents on our website... Read More

Between Birla Sun Life Advantage Fund or Birla Sun Life Forntline Equity Fund which is better for SIP

In between Birla Sun Life Advantage Fund or Birla Sun Life Forntline Equity Fund which is better for sip of 5 years?

Oct 14, 2016 by Nil Ratan Pal,   |   Mutual Fund
Please note that Birla Sun Life Advantage Fund is a multi-cap fund whereas Birla Sun Life Frontline Equity Fund is a large cap fund. Both the funds are amongst top performing funds in their respective categories... Read More

Please let me know if my choice of funds are good

I have invested 2 Lakhs as lump sum recently for my son who turned 3 this year. I am planning to invest same amount every year for his education and other expenses. I have invested in the following funds: Birla Sun Life Equity(G) 60,000, ICICI Pru Value Discovery(G) 60,000, HDFC Medium Term Opportunities(G) 40,000; Mirae Asset Emerging BC(G) 20,000, HDFC Midcap Opportunities(G) 20,000. Can you please let me know if my choice of funds are good? Apart from Lump sum we do have our regular SIPs as well?

Oct 14, 2016 by Neetu Panda, Bengaluru  |   Mutual Fund
Glad to note that you have started planning for your child's education at the right time by investing through mutual funds. Yes, all the funds you have chosen from diversified and mid-cap categories are good and... Read More

Is my fund selection right as I can take risk of equity investing

I have started following fund SIP from Nov 2015, I am 42 years old but my investments period of SIP are 12 years horizon. I shall take risk in equity market without worried. 1. Axis Long Term Equity Fund: 2000 pm, 2. DSPBR Microcap Fund: 2000 pm, 3. ICICI Pru Value Discovery Fund: 2000 pm, 4. Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund: 2000 pm, 5. L&T India Value Fund: 2000 pm. Kindly review for selection fund. Same time I would be wants to invest 118000 INR for 8 years horizon. Can I go for lump sum investment as per current scenario? Kindly suggest me regarding lump sum investment. If yes, Can I go with current portfolio?

Oct 14, 2016 by Rajan Khairnar, Mumbai  |   Mutual Fund
Your fund selection for long term SIPs is good and you should continue with them. With regards to your lump sum investment of Rs. 118,000 for 8 years, you can invest in one go as the investment horizon is of... Read More

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