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Can I create a retirement corpus by investing in ELSS funds

Thanks for your valuable advises. I would like to know other than diversified fund whether by investing 11,500 monthly in ELSS funds for 30 years can build a retirement corpus of 4 crore. Which all ELSS Fund can be utilized for this purpose?

May 23, 2017 by Adheena Ram A, Kerala  |   Mutual Fund
You are most welcome. Yes, ELSS funds are also diversified equity funds. You can build a corpus of Rs 4 Crores by investing monthly Rs 11,500 in ELSS funds over 30 years. Some of the good ELSS funds are... Read More

Can I get corpus of 4 Crores if invest Rs 10000 per month

Can I get a retirement corpus of Rs 4 Crores after 30 years by investing Rs 10,000 monthly in ELSS. Please suggest the best funds and how many funds I should start?

May 22, 2017 by Adheena, Kerala  |   Mutual Fund
Good to note that you are planning for your retirement at the right age! By investing Rs 10,000 per month and assuming the returns to be @12% per annum, you can create a corpus of Rs 3.50 Crores which... Read More

Can you answer my questions regarding mutual fund investments

You are very experienced and knowledgeable in MF investment So I will be asking few questions. A) Are the portfolio value and the dividend accounts are separate? B) Can I transfer from dividend to portfolio account? and invest both accumulated amount in to the HDFC Prudence fund so that I can buy more units? C) What is your prediction regarding the future of this fund is it to risky? D) I feel like I should have invested in FDA account My investment is 1 cr in this fund 2 months ago? E) So far I have allocated 329,837 units at 30.14 rupees F) So far the dividend in 2 months is 247000 Ed and the portfolio shows 10458000 rupees. So the return on investment after the principle is about 7 lacs if I am not wrong so Ian planning to buy or invest in SBI Magnum Funds about 10 lacs. Please guide me I am 70 year old us and Indian citizen trying to make my livings on dividend income?

May 22, 2017 by Sonal,   |   Mutual Fund
Thanks for the kind words. Here are your answers - The portfolio value that you see are post dividends received by you. However, if you do not need the dividends you can switch to growth option and book profit... Read More

Can you answer some doubts about balanced funds

Thanks for your earlier mails and advise. I have a couple of more questions. How would the balanced funds perform in falling/down markets? Also is it advisable to take a dividend payout option or SWP? Or should I remove the capital appreciation after a year of investment? Are the balanced funds advisable for senior citizens? Kindly advise me on this?

May 22, 2017 by Abha Pandit,   |   Mutual Fund
Thanks for writing to us. Following is the answer to your queries - In the falling / down market, all the funds which has equity in it will fall / react or go down. This will reflect in correction of the NAV. Having said that... Read More

Can you select SIP funds as I do not want to take risk

I would would like to invest 25 K TO 30 K ever month. my age is 41 Years I don’t want to take risk. So, please suggest me a good fund. Just now I have started SIP. The mentioned funds - HDFC Top 200 Fund(G), DSP BlackRock Balanced Fund (G), Kotak Select Focus Fund (G). I have started INR 1,000 in each of the SIPs, is it good Funds? Can you suggest me apart from the other. I can wait up to 3 years?

May 22, 2017 by Nagendra,   |   Mutual Fund
You have sent us two queries and these are quite confusing. The reason being, in one query you have mentioned that you do not want to take risk and in the other you have mentioned funds which are suitable to... Read More

Should I invest in lump sum or SIP

I have 30 Lacs with me. I want to Invest in MF for around 10 years. Kindly suggest some good funds. Should I go for Lump sum Investment or SIP?

May 22, 2017 by Dhiraj, Noida  |   Mutual Fund
As your investment horizon is 10 years you can go with investing in lump sum. However, which funds to invest in is a result of how much risk you can take and what is the investment goal etc. You have not... Read More

What would be the future fund value if I draw through SWP

If I invest 15 lakhs in HDFC Prudence & L&T Prudence Funds (7-5 lakhs each), & opt for SWP of 7500 monthly, then after 10 years, what would be my fund value approximately?

May 22, 2017 by Parampal Singh Dang, Mohali  |   Mutual Fund
Thanks for writing to us. Please note that drawing through SWP at the rate of 12% (1% per month) from your investments in balanced fund is a bit high! During the initial years, it is better to draw not more... Read More

Have I invested in good funds through SIP and Lump sum

First of all thank you so much for your most helpful advisorkhoj website. I daily follow your website. I am 26 year old. I have Invested Lump sum amount 1,00,000 in DSP BlackRock Microcap Fund, 85000 in Franklin Smaller Companies Growth, 50000 in Axis Long Term Equity Fund, 50000 in Birla Sunlife MNC Fund. I Have Invested in SIPs Are 5000 Franklin India Prima Fund, 1000 SBI Magnum Global Fund, 1000 HDFC Tax Saver Fund, 1000 Reliance Growth Fund, 1000 DSP BlackRock Microcap Fund, 500 DSP BlackRock Small and Mid Cap Fund, 500 DSP BlackRock Focus 25 Fund. So please Can you tell me my fund selection are good or not? I am able to take high risk, and I want 2 new more SIP. So can you suggest me the fund in which I can invest? I am eagerly waiting for your reply?

May 22, 2017 by Dhruvil Patel,   |   Mutual Fund
Thanks for the kind words and glad to note that you found our website helpful and follow it daily. The funds you have selected for your lump sum investments are good. However, please note that Birla Sun Life... Read More

Is SWP from midcap mutual funds right

Thank you for your suggestion, Presently, I am interested to invest Rs 10L in MF with SWP Option. I had searched and found some MF -( 9 Nos - listed below and link attached for ref.) Which are suitable for SWP of Rs 20000/pm for my house partial expenditure perpose. Please once again suggest me 6 Nos most suitable MF-SWP for investment from the list OR any other MF-SWP from your end. Birla Sun Life Small & Midcap Fund - Plan, DSP BlackRock Micro Cap Fund - Plan, Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund - Plan, Kotak Emerging Equity Scheme - Plan, L&T Midcap Fund - Plan, Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund - Plan, Reliance Small Cap Fund - Plan, SBI Small & Midcap Fund - Plan, Sundaram S.M.I.L.E. Fund - Plan. Please find attached my MF-SWP selection Chart and web link Chart - https://goo.gl/gU88im?

May 22, 2017 by G. Ravi, Hyderabad  |   Mutual Fund
Your idea of drawing a regular income through SWP is good but the funds selected by you may not be ideal for this purpose. Please note that investing in mid & small cap funds has the highest risk and drawing... Read More

I need two more personal advice

Thanks for the all the time spared for giving such apt advice and guidance. In this regard, I have final three queries which I feel you will guide me: 1. Should I sell off one of the house and keep the amount in investment like debt fund or depend upon the rental income. Which is better? 2. What will inflation adjusted amount requirement of Rs. 69000 after 15 years from today?

May 22, 2017 by Srinath Kamath,   |   Mutual Fund
With regards to your two queries, we have the following to answer - The decision of selling the house will depend on many things. For example - at what price you acquired the house, what is the current market... Read More
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