10 places you should add to your travelling list this year

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I read a quote once which stayed on with me and even now inspires me to travel. It said, ‘The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page’. Inspiring and motivating, the quote combined my passion for reading and travelling in one and perhaps this was the reason it struck a chord with me. Even for those who are not avid readers, travelling must definitely hold some iota of attraction. Who does not wish to travel and explore new lands? Or resist going on adventures? For those who are more laid-back, travelling involves a refreshing break from the monotony of daily life. Whatever the outlook, one thing is for certain – travelling is always welcome.

Since travelling is such an anticipated journey which also involves expenses, we often want to visit the best places which offer us something new. Places which suit our tastes are always favored and it is no mystery why Switzerland is a favorite among many. The snow covered mountains and the lush beauty enthralls everyone and most of us, yes me too, dream about a Swiss tour. Just like Switzerland, there are other places too which demand a place in your travelling list. Here are 10 such destinations, some Indian and some foreign, which should feature in your travelling list this year:

Foreign Destinations

Let us start with 5 foreign destinations, which offer something new to our eyes and mind.

Galapagos Islands (Ecuador)

– my first choice itself must have had you scratching your heads in wonder but if there is one place, off the beaten track, which should be visited it is Galapagos Islands in Ecuador. It is meant for those of you who have an adventurous streak and like wildlife watching. The island provides some jaw-dropping sightings of animals you had never seen before. At every nook and turn of the island you can chance upon exotic creatures which you never imagined existed. Throw out those wildlife books you had been reading because the wildlife of this island would give you the spectacle of your lifetime. Also, the island is the site of Darwin’s evolution theory and has something for the history buff in you too.

Angkor Wat (Cambodia)

– if religion and history is your thing, Angkor Wat would be your calling. Built during the Khmer Empire, the temple is a shrine to the Hindu God Vishnu. The temple is designed as a miniature replica of the universe and presents a breath-taking view. The sheer size and architecture of the temple would fill you with awe.

Grand Canyon (USA)

– yes, you heard stories about it and it is one of the seven natural wonders of the world (your GK Books must have taught you this), but nothing would prepare you for the actual sight of the Canyons. With sizes which are 446 river kilometers in length, 1.6 kilometers in depth and up to 29 kilometers in width, the word ‘giant’ would have a new meaning for you. Not just the size, the beauty of the place with several shades of brown designing the face of the canyons would make you marvel at God’s artistry. What’s more, the colors change at sunrise and sunset making you wonder whether nature or an invisible artist’s hand is playing tricks on your eyes!

The Louvre (Paris)

– This one, predominantly, is for the history buffs among you. But others do not have to feel dejected. I, too, am not a history buff, yet the Louvre calls to the historian within me. With the legendary paintings and art creations, the Louvre is a not only a museum but a shrine to the great artists of centuries past. If Dan Brown’s famous books made you curious or if you have the curiosity of discovering Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, pay a visit to the Louvre and you would know how a painting, or rather a museum, inspired the work of fiction and why the novel became so famous. Is there indeed a mystery behind Mona Lisa’s smile? Go find the answer yourself.

Great Barrier Reef (Australia)

– this one is another spot for wildlife gazing, especially if you are looking for marine wildlife. The Great Barrier Reef is another one of the Natural Wonders of the World and rightly so. It is a 2300 km long ecosystem which contains a variety of reefs, islands and corals. The Great Barrier Reef is home to millions of marine animals and people who have paid a visit to this natural wonder know why it is called ‘The Great’ Barrier Reef. Beauty, awe and variety are the three terms which, though not aptly, but approximately describe this wonder and if you haven’t seen it, it’s time!

Indian Destinations

When it comes to travel destinations, our country is not far behind the world. The best thing is the one can find a variety of spots for travel in the same country without having to go to another one. Whether beaches inspire the tourist in you or the calm hill-stations, whether you are a nature-seeking traveler or an adventurous one or even a historian or a religious saint, India has something for every one of us. Here are 5 destinations of India which are unique, beautiful and definitely demand a place in your travel list.

North East India

– though not a particular spot but a combination of different ones, the North-East India has something for every traveler. The rich tea estates of Assam, the effervescent Meghalaya, the culture-rich Nagaland or Arunachala, the hilly areas of Shillong, you wish it and you get it. Though still not highly explored, the North-East India is a tiny heaven, one which demands exploration.

Andaman and Lakshadweep Islands

– India’s answer to the Caribbean, these islands are for the sea-loving individuals. Whether you want to go scuba diving or just explore the rich heritage of colonial India, Andaman or Lakshadweep fulfils your desire.

Rann of Kutch

– how does camping under the stars sound to you? Music to your ears, isn’t it? The great Rann of Kutch offers just that along with a peek into the traditional Rajasthani and Gujarati culture of India. The famous Kutch festival held in the month of January draws visitors for the cultural festivities which also includes the very famous kite festival

Leh Ladakh

– the Himalayas have always been a fancy of many and the Leh-Ladakh trek promises the most beautiful of sights a hill station can provide. Serene lakes, wonderful climate and the Himalayas as the backdrop, what more can one ask for!


– yes, another off-beaten choice, but important nonetheless. If Indian religion is manifested anywhere, it is in Banaras. There is beauty in the chaos which is predominant at the ghats of Banaras, a mystery in the rituals observed and mysticism in the monks and sages who dot the ghats. If Banaras piques the curiosity of foreigners in abundance, isn’t it time for you to find out the reasons of such curiosity?

Whether you choose India or any other foreign destination, make sure to include any one of these places in your travelling list this year. While you are doing so, spare some thought about a travel insurance policy. While a foreign trip might mandatorily necessitate travel insurance plan, do make an effort of adding a travel insurance plan to your domestic itinerary too. Travel insurance takes care of any financial contingencies which you might face in your otherwise planned trip. Taking a trip involves a lot of expenses, especially if a foreign locale is chosen. When travelling with your family, you would want to ensure a trip which is free from any unnecessary hassles and contingencies. While emergencies are unstoppable, you can make an effort to at least prevent a financial crisis faced in case of an emergency.

A travel insurance plan provides a host of coverage features some of which include coverage for trip cancellation or curtailment, loss or delay of baggage, medical emergencies, loss of passport, personal accident etc. These features provide a comprehensive coverage for the traveler and his family. Thus, in the event of any medical emergency faced on the trip, you would be spared the resultant financial strain. When it comes to the associated cost of the insurance plan, a travel insurance plan comes very cheap. By spending a couple of thousands for foreign trips or a couple of hundreds on a domestic trip, one can easily avail of travel insurance.

To conclude, remember these places when planning your next trip this year and be amazed at the features the listed places have to offer. Plan your trip to the last detail and don’t forget to add a travel insurance policy to your trip’s to-do list. After all, travelling is fun, and you wouldn’t like to worry about the loss of your baggage or the cost of a medical treatment when you are watching the wonderful creatures at Galapagos Islands, would you?

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