Which Principal Mutual Fund scheme will be suitable for my retirement corpus

I want to invest for my retirement corpus, for the time horizon of 10years. I want to invest in one of the following two shortlisted mutual funds. Kindly advise which one is more suitable for me. 1) Principal Emerging Blue-chip Fund, 2) Principal Multi Cap Growth Fund. Or kindly suggest another fund of your choice?

Aug 16, 2019 by Sanjay Gargish,   |   Mutual Fund

You have selected two good schemes from Principal Mutual Fund stable - Principal Emerging Blue-chip Fund and Principal Multi Cap Growth Fund. Principal Emerging Blue-chip Fund is a large and mid cap fund while Principal Multi Cap Growth Fund is a multi-cap fund which can invest across large, mid and small cap stocks.

You may go through the links below to check the details of these funds -



In terms of risk both are moderately high risk fund and shall suit you as your investment horizon is 10 years. While you may invest in any of the two funds/ or both the funds, we feel that multi-cap funds are a better choice as they invest across all market caps and are more dynamic compared to large & mid cap funds.

However, considering the current market scenario, you may like not to invest the entire amount in lump sum. Doing STP for 6-12 months could be a better alternative if you have lump sum in hand/ else you can do a monthly SIP.

To know more about STP, do read this - https://www.advisorkhoj.com/licmf...

Happy investing!

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