To New Beginnings

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Personal Finance article in Advisorkhoj - To New Beginnings

We waited in anticipation for the world to end but it continues to revolve. We anticipated that 2013 was going to wreck havoc on humanity. Here we are, standing at the edge of a new year with a feeling of nostalgia that every passing years leaves behind. You will be better at commenting how the year affected your life. But if we as a team were to share how the year went for us, then you are indulging yourself in some interesting read. The beginnings are always shaky. The ideas which look brilliant in our mental frame of mind, often take time to be executed in reality because we are trying to achieve perfection. Then began the process of convincing. We believe in our ideas, but do you? If not, we are here to give you reasons so that you can support us in our endeavour to bring about change. Our team did just that.

We convinced more than 27000 advisors in a span of less than a year. How did that miracle happen? It is simple! It is the law of attraction. We believed in our ideas and that our mission was to make our idea known to every advisor and investor. When we believed in it, we attracted all the positive power that was almost overwhelming. Hence, we could pass on some of the positive thinking to our advisors. We attracted all the advisors through the power of positive thinking.

The point I am trying to get to by telling you all this is very simple! The foundation of our organization is positive thinking. During the most trying times we thought of a bright future and a nation which is getting better financially. That gave us the strength to keep our heads held high. Unlucky 13 is the year of the past. Perhaps lucky 14 is awaiting you. But what definitely awaiting you is a new day! A new beginning! Yet another chance to make all the wrongs right. To turn all the "Nos" into a "yes". Make this year your year of wish fulfilment. Have the world listen to all your commands and all this will be possible if you truly believe that you are capable of achieving all that your mind comprehends. Command the world all that you want.

This year take a resolution to change your life. Take the path less travelled and soon you will see that you are leading in times of change. Hereby we invite you to be a part of advisorkhoj. Tell the world the services you provide and what sets you apart from others. You are not alone in this. We are going to assist you in this task of reaching out to the people out there and ensure that you get the much deserved audience. Internet is a territory unknown to many as it is still in its inception stage. But the future of internet is brighter than you think it is. It has the power to connect you to the entire world. The ripple of the change is already being felt because of the social media sites which has redefined the meaning if the world 'social'.

Take the path less travelled and tomorrow you will be guiding the individuals new to this territory. Lead by example and be the wish fulfilling genie of your life. Follow three simple steps - Command the world. Believe you can get it. Be ready to Receive your wishes from the world. This is the foundation of advisorkhoj. Make this the foundation of your lives and watch it unfold. Then every year will be your lucky year and all the stars will be aligned in your favour. The world will suddenly become a better place and you can almost hear the world speaking out to you, "Your wish my command!"

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