More than 130 IFAs attended MFRT experience at Bangalore and Mysore

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More than 130+ IFAs gathered for the MFRT EXPERIENCE in Bangalore on 19th & Mysore on 20th December 2019. The convenor of these two events was Srikanth Matrubai, IFA, author and blogger

MFRT is the MUTUAL FUND ROUND TABLE, organised by ASK CIRCLE, a 12 year old group of IFAs with passion for sharing Knowledge. ASK stands for ATTITUDE, SKILL & KNOWLEDGE

ASK Circle's most visible activity is the annual MUTUAL FUND ROUND TABLE conference which is also popularly known as MFRT. Currently, MFRT is the India's BIGGEST Mutual Fund Conference for mutual fund advisors and the aim of ASK Circle is to make it the BIGGEST in the World in the coming years!

The MFRT conference is always packed with a galaxy of Speakers both, International and Domestic. The MFRT event for the year 2020 will be held in Bangalore from 7th to 9th August 2020 at Sheraton Grand Bengaluru, Whitefield Hotel & Convention Centre, Thigalarapalya, Bengaluru. You may register from the following link

Event at Bangalore

The MFRT experience session on 19th December 2019 started with Mr. Neelesh Shah, President KAMFA sharing his thoughts on How Attending Trainings helps IFAs get different perspective, ideas which helped them grow.

Mr. Suresh Mohta, immediate Past President of MFRT focused on uniqueness of MFRT and why it is a must attend event for IFAs.

The next talk by Trainer, SrikanthV Kulkarni focussed on how the IFAs should reduce their dependence on the Equity component of their income and look at alternatives like Debt funds, Estate Planning throwing light on new avenues of growing revenues.

The next part was the most interesting part of the evening It was the DEBATE on AUM GROWTH IS DEPENDENT ON TECH OR CLIENT RELATIONSHIP which was participated by Santosh Jahagirdar, IFA & CEO of and Ms. CK Vanitha, President & CEO of eProfit Wealth Management forcefully and convincingly conveying the message that RELATIONSHIP helps you get the ENTIRE WALLET of the client and the client will become your Walking Brand Ambassador. And also if the relationship is strong, the redemptions will be few and far and thus AUM is not affected in Down cycles.

SudhendraK Lakshmana Rao, Managing Director & CEO of and Jayanth Nanjappa, Investment Strategist and Financial Planner at were not having any of it and mentioned how having the data of the client helps you in actually fulfilling the things he wants (like Life Insurance, Health Insurance) and also with technology, you can SCALE UP very quickly rather than waiting for the referrals to take shape.

Both Sudhendra and Jayanth also mentioned that since they use technology and have better tracking system, they are able to service client’s better and hence they too donot get affected by the redemption pressure during market down cycles.

The atmosphere was festive at this time and the energy levels at the peak. IFAs enjoyed the sharing received and were seen clapping enthusiastically

Next on stage was the soft spoken Founder of the popular website Mr. Pradip Chakrabarty. He asked a simple question to the IFAs present "WHICH IS THE BEST MUTUAL FUND"? And usual, the answers varied.

Mr.Pradip had a good laugh and said no one can predict but through the unique research tools created by IFAs can choose the one which suits the investor best. He also shared tools wherein the Clients capital can ‘never come down’ and various such amazing tools which Advisorkhoj has recently developed. He also revealed that Advisorkhoj has now given the DOWNLOAD option in each tool which helps IFAs to send the data to their clients with appropriate changes.

During his talk, the entire hall was seen making notes furiously and many were seen taking pictures. IFAs were seen thronging to speak to Mr. Pradip to get more details on the features of Advisorkhoj.

The final speaker was Mr. Vinod Tantri of whose session came at the fag end of the meeting.It was already 8:45 p.m. and everybody was looking forward to the dinner. But the way he took the session, it was really amazing.The energy and the interaction was simply awesome and the learning from session was -

CLIENT ADVISOR RELATIONSHIP BEGINS WITH 90% OF ADVISORS INVOLVEMENTAND ENDS WITH 90% OF CLIENTS INVOLVEMENT. The power of using stories was also highlighted by him with excellent examples.

Event at Mysore

Mr. Govind Dhanuka, Joint Secretary, MFRT welcomed the IFAs of Mysore and explained the uniqueness of MFRT and why it is a must attend event for IFAs.

The session was started by Madhusudhan Gad, Founder of an IFA from Bangalore on HOW TO COMMUNICATE EFFECTIVELY WITH CLIENTS.

Then, to take it forward came Mr. ARVIND RALEKAR, IFAfrom Mysore, who spoke on how TECH has helped him scale up his AUM.

Mr. Nagaraj of Mysore, then spoke of how it is better to give a REALISTIC picture to clients even before on-boarding him in your business.

Srikanth Matrubai, Author of DON'T RETIRE RICH and founder of then took the stage to talk on something entire different named OUT OF SYLLABUS. True to the title, the highly interactive session of Mr. Srikanth focussed on the MINDSET required by IFAs to grow. He spoke on how during the IAP itself the mind-set can play a huge vital role.

Here again PRADIP CHAKRABARTY of ADVISORKHOJ talked about the Tools available in Advisor Khoj and yet again, the IFAs were seen nodding in agreement and making notes.

The session closed with Mr. Vivek Trivedi, IFA from Mysore explaining what constitutes the INDEX.

Overall lots of learning from the speakers and IFAs both at Bangalore and Mysore were a great value add for the attendees!

A Big Thank you to Srikanth Matrubai, IFA, author and blogger at and Pradip Chakrabarty, Founder & CEO of for the excellent sharing and making the events successful.

A good number of IFAs from Bangalore and Mysore registered for the MFRT event 2020 during this two day event!