RBI Monetary Policy: Disinflationary Hawkism

Aug 5, 2022 by Axis Mutual Fund

The RBI MPC decided raise policy rates by 50 bps, slightly hawkish to market consensus. While the decision to raise rates was unanimous, the mildly hawkish stance had one dissenter, Prof. Jayanth R. Varma who expressed reservations. The rate hikes today can be seen in tune with other major global central banks... Read More

Production Linked Incentives: Green shoots in Indian Manufacturing

Aug 2, 2022 by Axis Mutual Fund

As a measure to bring about structural reforms in the manufacturing sector and promote domestic manufacturing, the government announced an outlay of Rs. 1.97 Lakh Cr. for the Production Linked Incentive (PLI) Schemes across 14 key sectors, to create national manufacturing champions and to create 60 lakh new jobs. The scheme... Read More

ITI Mutual Fund announces change in Chief Executive Officer

Jul 30, 2022 by ITI Mutual Fund

ITI Mutual Fund is sponsored by The Investment Trust of India Ltd (ITI) and Fortune Credit Capital Ltd. In a short span of time, the ITI Asset Management Limited (AMC) has built a strong network of distributors and its own office network across the country. As of 26th July, 2022, the AMC has launched 16 products, built a 200+ workforce... Read More

Axis AMC and Tishman Speyer announce partnership to develop Commercial Real Estate

Jul 26, 2022 by Axis Mutual Fund

Axis Asset Management Company Limited (“Axis AMC”), one of India’s fastest growing asset management company promoted by Axis Bank Limited, has entered into a strategic partnership with Tishman Speyer, a leading international developer, owner and operator of world class real estate. The platform intends to invest in early stage... Read More

How are Indian Equity Valuations currently

Jul 15, 2022 by Axis Mutual Fund

The decision to buy or sell a stock depends on various indicators (qualitative as well as quantitative) related to the macroeconomic conditions as well as company specific fundamentals which involve analyzing the Profit & Loss statement (P&L) and Balance Sheet. Quantitative analysis of a particular company helps in identifying... Read More

Can a data centric process lead to superior stock selection

Jun 22, 2022 by Axis Mutual Fund

Market participants cannot emphasize enough on the importance of evaluating business prospects of the company over the near future. The outlook of the firm and its repercussion on financial statements helps influence stock prices and the multiples at which it trades, relative to its sector and broader markets. While all market... Read More

Global Supply Chain Situation: A Status Check

Jun 13, 2022 by Axis Mutual Fund

One of the primary reasons for global inflation rising has been a supply shock in the logistics markets as companies and economies scrambled to get back to business. In today's world, this is easier said than done as regulations across individual jurisdictions and free movement was hampered by divergent waves of Covid hitting nations... Read More

RBI Monetary Policy Inflation Jitters: June 2022

Jun 9, 2022 by Axis Mutual Fund

In line with market expectations, the RBI MPC decided raise policy rates by 50 bps. The decision to raise rates was unanimous. The market was relieved that there were no further liquidity tightening measures following on the 50bps CRR increase in May. The policy confirms RBI?s tilt now to combating inflation over supporting growth... Read More

Re-allocation of responsibilities of Fund Managers

May 27, 2022 by Sundaram Mutual Fund

Investors are requested to note the following changes in the portfolio of Fund Managers, which includes addition or deletion of fund managers in existing funds. These changes will be effective from 16th May 2022... Read More

Withdrawal Symptoms: May 2022

May 5, 2022 by Axis Mutual Fund

The Reserve Bank today made a surprise announcement on monetary policy. The Monetary Policy Committee of the RBI met on an off-cycle basis and decided to hike the repo rate by 40 basis points to 4.40%. The RBI also decided to hike the CRR by 50 bps to 4.5%. This is a remarkable turn of events from the RBI. When the MPC... Read More

Is the FII impact on Indian equities waning

Apr 25, 2022 by Axis Mutual Fund

The past few months have been nothing short of extraordinary. The world seemed to have finally moved past the 2 year long pandemic with restriction easing worldwide. But then, little did we know that a potential border conflict between Russia and Ukraine will escalate into a full blown war. In a matter of days, the world is a... Read More

Why elevated inflation is not good for India

Apr 20, 2022 by Axis Mutual Fund

CPI inflation is an economic indicator which is the most widely used measure of inflation in the country. It can also be viewed as a proxy of the effectiveness of monetary policy set by the RBI. The mandate of the RBI is to maintain CPI inflation at 4% with a band of ±2%. Inflation for the last 2.5 years (to February 2022), has averaged... Read More

Views by Axis Mutual Fund on RBI Monetary Policy: April 2022

Apr 8, 2022 by Axis Mutual Fund

The RBI MPC decided to keep policy rates unchanged yet again. The crux of the the RBI governor' commentary, however was sharply different from the previous policy announcement. The MPC has done a complete U-turn by refocusing its attention on 'run-away' inflation, pivoting from its earlier growth focused stance. The... Read More

Mr. Gaurav Goyal joins ITI Mutual Fund as Chief Business Officer

Apr 5, 2022 by ITI Mutual Fund

ITI Asset Management Limited has appointed Mr. Gaurav Goyal as Chief Business Officer, effective 2nd April 2022. As CBO, he will spearhead the Sales & Distribution, Business Development, Product and Marketing functions of the organization. He brings with him more than 22+ years of differentiated experience in Financial Services... Read More

Axis Mutual Fund launches Axis Equity ETFs FoF

Feb 2, 2022 by Advisorkhoj Team

Axis Mutual Fund, one of the leading asset management companies in India announced the launch of Axis Equity ETFs FoF (An Open Ended Fund of Fund scheme predominantly investing in units of domestic equity ETFs). The new fund will be managed by Shreyash Devalkar, Fund Manager. The minimum application amount is INR 5,000... Read More