Consumption is Calling: Are you Answering? Kotak Consumption Fund NFO Opens

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Oct 26, 2023 by Kotak Mutual Fund | Mutual Fund | 61 Downloaded

Kotak Mutual Fund launches Kotak Consumption Fund, an opportunity to invest in country’s consumption growth story

NFO opens on 25/10/2023; closes on 08/11/2023

Mumbai, October 25, 2023: Kotak Mahindra Asset Management Company Ltd (“KMAMC” / “Kotak Mutual Fund”) today announced the launch of Kotak Consumption Fund, an Open-Ended Scheme that will invest in equity, equity related securities of companies engaged in consumption and consumption related activities. The scheme opens for subscription on October 25, 2023 and closes on November 8, 2023.

The fund will offer investors an opportunity to invest in India’s consumption potential, which is being driven by the trinity of structural, cultural and digital factors. The structural growth is led by a shift towards organized markets due to urbanization and rising incomes. Increasing discretionary spending due to the rise of nuclear and aspirational families is creating a cultural influence, leading to higher consumption. This is further propelled by a digital impact leading to a surge in online shopping and internet usage.

With Kotak Consumption Fund, KMAMC aims to offer long-term capital growth by investing in companies actively involved in this dynamic sector, providing investors with a pathway to diversification and capital appreciation. The fund will invest in the sectors/industries like Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Financial Services, Automobiles and Auto Components, Consumer Durables, Telecommunication, Consumer Services, Health Care, Power, Realty and Textiles etc., which form the Consumption universe based on the investment strategy of the scheme.

Nilesh Shah, Managing Director, KMAMC said, “With the launch of Kotak Consumption Fund, we are offering a window for our investors to be a part of country’s fast-evolving consumption story. It's about tapping into the shift from basic to smart - from analogue to digital, from feature phones to smartphones, and from single-brand to multi-brand retail choices. This change reflects not just a change in buying capacity, but also a shift in aspirations. We offer this fund for our investors who want to be a part of country’s growing consumption story and are looking for resilient sectors.”

The fund will be managed by Mr. Devender Singhal who has been with Kotak Mahindra AMC with over 15 years has deep insights into Consumer, Auto and Media segments.

According to Devender Singhal, EVP, KMAMC, “Country’s consumption story is still unfolding. The consumption potential is driven by our country's rising income, strong digital revolution, unique demographic makeup, and changing consumer trends. The Kotak Consumption Fund offers investors an avenue to participate in our nation's aspirations, targeting investments in the opportunities within the resilient consumption sector.”

The scheme opens for public subscription on October 25th, 2023 and closes on November 8th, 2023. Investors can invest a minimum amount of Rs 5,000 and subsequently in multiples of Re.1 for purchase and Re 0.01 for switches during the NFO period. For more details on the Kotak Consumption Fund please visit:

Investors should consult their financial experts and tax advisor if in doubt about whether the product is suitable to them. Kotak Mahindra Asset Management Company Limited (KAMAMC) is not guaranteeing or promising any returns/ futuristic returns.

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