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How to set a financial goal at age 25

How to set a financial goals at the age of 25?

Apr 6, 2017 by Ravi Shah, Vadodara  |   Financial Planning

It is heartening to note that you are thinking of setting financial goals when you are so young.

Please note that when you are young you have lesser liabilities but as you age, start working, have dependent parent, get married and have a family the entire life scenario changes. You need to plan for these scenarios and save accordingly for meeting this changing scenarios in life.

Therefore, few of the life goals can be creating wealth for yourself, buying a house, buying a car, supporting your parents financially, a world tour, higher education of your children and your retirement.

We do not know your current liabilities, what you do and whether married or not? But based on the above broad based financial goals, you can start planning for your various goals and start saving for that.

you may find these calculators useful for this purpose -




However, availing the services of a financial planner is the most ideal way to know more about financial planning and start saving for various life goals.

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