Can I generate corpus for retirement from my mutual fund SIPs

This is second time I an writing to you for suggestions. I has been following this site and App. Thank you very much for educating for people like me on financial aspects. I have started SIP 9 months back with 60000. My aim is to generate some corpus for my retirement. I am 42 years old and continue my SIP 8 more years. My risk profile is modarate to aggressive. Please review my portfolio and share your comments. Here is the my portfolio, all are growth and direct funds - 1. SBI Bluechip - 7500, 2. Mirae Asset Opportunities - 7500, 3. ICICI Pru Value Discovery - 7500, 4. BSL Equity Fund - 7500, 5. DSP BlackRock Micro Cap - 5000, 6. Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip - 5000, 7. HDFC Balanced Fund - 10000, 8. L&T Prudence Value Fund - 10000?

Jun 30, 2017 by Venkat, Bangalore  |   Financial Planning

Thanks for appreciating our work. Your portfolio mix indicates 90% equity and 10% debt asset allocation. This is a fairly aggressive asset allocation but it should work for you because you mentioned that you have a moderate to aggressive risk appetite. All the funds selected by you are top performers and you can continue SIP in these funds. However, you should remember that top performers today may not be top performers tomorrow. So you should monitor the performance of the funds on a regular basis and take suitable actions if required.

Once you are near the end of your SIP tenure, by which time based on your information you will be around 50 years old, you should switch some of your equity funds to debt funds and / or MIPs to bring asset allocation to 60 (equity):40 (debt) or 50:50 and de-risk your portfolio.

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