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Is my investment portfolio correct to meet my financial goals

My self Gaurav Pratap Age 33 years, working as Design Engineer. I am from Varanasi Uttar Pradesh. I have one daughter of 5 years old and my Annual Income is 14 lakhs/Annum. My investment details are as follows-: 1. Term Plan - 75 lakhs, 2. Medical insurance - 8 lakhs(personal) + 3 lakhs (company provided), 3. PPF - 3500 per month (presently having approx 4 lakhs in PPF), 4. SIP Details - Presently having approx 8 lakhs in Mutaul Fund. Mutual Fund Scheme details follows - 1. ICICI Pru LTEF (Tax Saving) - Growth - 2500 Aug 14, 2. ICICI Pru Value Discovery Fund - Growth - 8500 April 15, 3. ICICI Pru Focused Bluechip Equity - Growth - 9500 Aug 14, 4. ICICI Pru MidCap Fund Plan - Direct Growth - 4500 Jan 15, 5. HDFC Long Term Advantage Fund - 2500 Aug 14, 6. HDFC Top 200 Fund - Growth - 4000 Aug 11, 7. HDFC Prudence Fund - Growth 3000 Aug 11, Total - Rs. 35000 per month. Emergency Fund - 1.5 lakhs, PF - 120000 per Annum (approx 5 lakhs in PF), Share - Approx 1.1 lakhs. Goals - 1. Retirement – 1.5 Cr., 2. Marriage - 75 lakhs, 3. Education – 75 lakhs. I have made my home. Query - 1. Whether I should reduce/stop my SIP in HDFC Top 200 if yes where to invest? 2. If I start another SIP then how will I get the benefits of compounding? 3. My portfolio is correct or not?

Sep 15, 2016 by Gaurav, Chennai  |   Financial Planning
Some of the key details in your query is missing – Like, your retirement age and current monthly expenses. However, we will still try to answer based on whatever details you have shared with us... Read More

Can you please advise me if my investment planning is correct

First of all, you are doing great job by giving the details about investment. I have gone through many Blogs & websites but no one review the person's investment, without Money and providing the suggestion. All your articles excellent. Can you please review my investment and share your feedback. Age: 30, Monthly salary: 50000, Monthly Expenses: 20000. Current Investment: SBI Bluechip Fund - 1500 (Last 6 months, I will continue more than 5 years), Tata Balanced Fund - 2000 (Last 15 months, I will continue more than 5 years), Reliance Tax Saver Direct Plan - 25000 (SIP for One Year currently Stopped), HDFC Top 200 Direct Growth - 22000 (One time Investment Keeping last one year), HDFC Medium Term Opportunities Fund - 50000 (Lumpsum from last one month), Birla Sun Life Retail Plan Growth - 25000 (Lumpsum from last one month). Planning to investment 3 Lakhs Post office Monthly saving scheme, also reinvest the post office interest amount in some mutual funds. This is for next 5 to 6 years. I would like to know if this is the correct way. If not please suggest some fund to park the money?

Sep 6, 2016 by Venkatesh, Chennai  |   Financial Planning
Thanks for the kind words and the appreciation. We at Advisorkhoj, are committed to help the investment advisory eco system and thus it is our endeavour to answer each and every query raised by investors and... Read More

Can you please let me know if my fund selection is fine for investing over next 15 years

I am planning to invest in the following schemes for next 15 years. Please do review the same and provide me with your expert answer. PPF - 5000 (15 years), SBI Blue Chip Direct (G) - 5000 (15 years), SBI Midcap Magnum Direct (G) - 5000 (15 years), Franklin India Smaller Companies Direct (G) - 10000 (15 years), HDFC Balanced Direct (G) - 10000 (15 years), ICICI Prudential Value Direct (G) - 10000 (15 years). Please let me know if there are any other funds or should I invest in sector oriented funds considering that I have an investment horizon of 15 years?

Aug 16, 2016 by Muthuraman, Thiruvanthapuram  |   Financial Planning
Your idea of investing in PPF and mutual funds over 15 years is a wise decision. The funds selected by you are all good performing and spread over large cap, diversified, midcap and balanced funds... Read More

How much I should invest each month to build retirement portfolio based on my current monthly expenditure

I am of 30 year and currently a central government employee. I am having child of 3 months. I am under NPS with current value of Rs 5.00 lakhs. My monthly contribution include government towards NPS is Rs. 7550/- which is expected to increase Rs. 9000/- after pay commission. Monthly earning after all deduction:- Rs 42000/- (expected after pay commission- 49000/-), Monthly expenditure is Rs. 27000/- (including rented house @ Rs 8000/-), Invested in Axis Long term equity direct growth (SIP= 2000 from Dec-15), Retirement age 60 years, Life expectancy 80 years. After retirement to live in self occupied house. Please advise:- 1. How much I should invest each month to build retirement portfolio based on my current expenditure. Also suggest name of mutual fund along with investment break up? 2. How much and which MF combination I should invest each month to build child education portfolio for Engineering after 17 year?

Aug 3, 2016 by Mukesh Kumar, New Delhi  |   Financial Planning
The answer to your query is that you should get your financial planning done by some financial planner at Delhi as he or she will be able to take complete information from you, understand your risk profile... Read More

Difference between EPF vs PPF vs NPS vs RD vs FD

Difference between EPF vs PPF vs NPS vs RD vs FD?

Jul 25, 2016 by S Nair, Mumbai  |   Financial Planning
We do not have readymade content to really do this comparison. But definitely, we will try to address this by creating some tools. Meanwhile, few of the comparisons can be found from here... Read More

National pension scheme advantages and disadvantages

National pension scheme advantages and disadvantages?

Jul 25, 2016 by S Nair, Mumbai  |   Financial Planning
You can read the following articles which I am sure will help answer your query... Read More

Can you do complete analysis of my present investments

My investments details following, 1. LIC - Yearly 80,560, 2. RD - 8,000 Monthly (Tenure 120 months), 3. Post Office RD - 2,000 Monthly (5 years), 4. PPF - 500 per month. Monthly approximate salary: 72k, Number of members - Myself, Wife - currently not working, looking for job, Kid (boy, std1), Parents (Not working, no income), Brother (Fresher working), House loan (Pre EMI) stared, also some gold deposited in bank which is due, 1 personal loan Rs. 1 lakh, No trading, SIP, MFs etc. Am I having a good investments, what more need I have to do?

Jul 20, 2016 by Suthish Nair,   |   Financial Planning
Your salary is Rs. 864,000 per annum but you are saving only 86,560 (LIC Rs. 80,560 + PPF Rs. 500 x 12 months) for savings taxes under section 80C of the Income Tax Act 1961. What is the amount that... Read More

Can PPF deposits be used as collateral in banks

Can PPF deposits be used as collateral in banks?

Jul 20, 2016 by A.K.Jha, Dhanbad  |   Financial Planning
You can use government bonds, PSU bonds, NSC, KVP etc as collateral for bank loan. However, banks will not accept deposit in your PPF account as collateral because balance in your PPF account cannot... Read More

Can a demat account be opened in the name of a minor

My daughter is 17 years of age. I wish to open a demat account for her marriage (to say after 6-8 years). Q1. Is custodian account facility available in our country? Q2. Is trading in minor's account allowed before she becomes adult legally? Q3. Will income generated in next one year, till she attains maturity, be clubbed in my income or will belong to her?

Jun 13, 2016 by Pankaj, Ghaziabad  |   Financial Planning
Demat account can be opened in the name of a minor by the natural guardians (Parents) or court appointed guardians. As a guardian you will have to fulfill all requirements for documents and KYC... Read More

Should I preclose Credit Card and Personal Loan and avail Home Loan

Planning on a Home Loan - I am paying around Rs. 27000 towards CCs and Personal Loans of around 6 lakhs take home of Rs. 45,000 recently got some liquid cash of Rs. 10,00,000. Should I close the current debt and proceed for Home loan? My CIBIL has been okay, but if I preclose will I get home loan, please advise?

May 10, 2016 by Radhika Dass, Vishakapatnam  |   Financial Planning
Against a take home salary of Rs. 45,000 you are paying Rs. 27,000 for credit cards and personal loan. That means 60% of your salary goes towards servicing the principal and interest of these two debts... Read More

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