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I want to invest Rs 2000 to 4000 for my retirement

I am 40 years old & working in private company. We do not have any retirement benefit from company. I am planning to invest Min - 2000 to Max - 4000 in SIP( no tax saving scheme). Retirement age is 55 years. I have single 5 years old kid. I want money for retirement as well as child education. Few information about my investment - 1. TATA AIG LIFE LAKSHYA SUPREME WHOLE LIFE MID CAP - 2000/- PER MONTH FROM JAN 2011. 2. HDFC LIFE CLICK 2 INVEST BALANCE FUND - 3000/- PER MONTH FROM JAN 2015. 3. HDFC LIFE PROGROWTH PLUS BALANCE FUND - 3000/- PER QUARTER FROM JAN 2015. Kindly suggest Mutual Fund for my goal?

Jan 20, 2016 by Rahul, Mumbai  |   Financial Planning

Since your child is very young and your retirement goal is 15 years away, you can invest in equity funds for your financial goals. Over a long investment horizon, equity as an asset class gives better returns than all other asset classes. Since you have a long investment horizon you should select equity funds that have performed consistently well. Consistent performers give superior returns in different market conditions. You can select consistent performers by reading our following articles.

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Since you plan to invest a maximum of Rs 4,000 through SIP, you should not select more than two funds, maybe 1 each from large cap and midcap categories. Alternatively, you invest through SIP is just one diversified flexicap or multicap fund. You can select consistent performers among diversified equity funds by reading our following article.

Best Diversified Equity Mutual Funds: Consistent Performers for investment in 2015

As regards your investments in Unit Linked Insurance Plans, you should monitor the value of investment on a continuous basis and see if they are meeting your investment expectations. TATA AIG LIFE LAKSHYA SUPREME WHOLE LIFE MID CAP EQUITY FUND has given decent returns in the last three years. The charges of this Plan are also low relative to other ULIPs. After five years of the policy life, you can surrender without paying any penalty. Both the HDFC LIFE CLICK 2 INVEST and HDFC LIFE PROGROWTH PLUS are among the cheapest ULIPs in the market. However the performance of the Balanced Fund over the past one year has been quite ordinary. You should continue to monitor the performance of these two ULIPs going forward.

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