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Retirement Planning Queries

If my current investments are enough to meet retirement life

If I retire today, whether my investment returns/income after retirement including pension will sustain my living for me and my wife. I have one son, who is well settled and independent. My investment portfolio as follows: Liablities - Housing Loan 1 - Rs 12,00,000 - EMI 12,000, Housing loan 2 - Rs 800,000 - Rs 6,000, Car Loan - Rs 400,000 - EMI Rs 5,000 and personal loan Rs 600,000 - EMI Rs 6,000. Assets - 1BHK Flat 18,00,000 - Rent Rs. 6,000, 2BHK Flat - Rs 45,00,000 - Rent Rs 10,000. 2BHK House - Rs 45,00,000 - Rent Rs 7,000 and 2BHK Flat - Rs 65,00,000 for self at Bangalore. Retirement Fund - Rs 50,00,000, Pension - Rs 38,000 Per Month, Shares - Rs 25000, Mutual Fund - Rs 25000, Savings FD - Rs 300,000. Today I'm Getting Rs. 75,000 as Salary and I Have 4 years of service left. Plese guide me, If I retire today whether I will sustain my retirement period?

May 15, 2017 by Srinath Kamath,   |   Retirement Planning
Thanks for writing to us. Do not take our suggestions as financial advise. We have following to suggest - You have 30 Lakhs worth of liabilities but you have not mentioned if the EMI of these different liabilities... Read More

How much SIP needed for building a retirement corpus of 5 Crores

I want to build a corpus amount of 5 Crores after 30 years at the time of retirement. Please suggest the best fund and how much amount to invest as SIP?

May 10, 2017 by Sujith A D, Thrissur  |   Retirement Planning
As your investment horizon is 30 years, you can invest in diversified equity funds for building your retirement corpus of Rs 5 Crores. You can invest Rs 15,400 per month for 30 years and assuming returns... Read More

How my father can earn better than FD returns

My father accumulated wealth of around 60 lakh all these years in the form of bank FDs with his salary. Now he wanted to invest in mutual fund due decline of interest on FDs. So he wants to invest the interest earned every year on those FDs to the mutual fund keeping principal amount as it is in FDs. So wanted to know is it a good idea? From FDs currently getting approximately 4 lakhs / year as interest. Kindly give suggestions to how to proceed. He is average risk taker?

Apr 24, 2017 by Ravi B, Kolhapur  |   Retirement Planning
Fixed deposit is the safest option for retirees but the way interest rates are coming down, fixed deposits will not generate more than 1-2% inflation adjusted returns. Even though mutual funds generate better... Read More

How to get regular returns from retirement corpus

Am an avid reader of your post and get mails on regular basis I try to re-read most of your mails which I have saved. I am a Mutual Fund Distributor & do Life Insurance for IPRU from Vellore. A client and close friend of mine has 40 Lakhs retirement corpus fund which he wants my advice to invest in funds so he can have a regular monthly income while his corpus also grows. 1) Time is for 1/3/5 years withdrawal of corpus if needed, 2) Staggered amount for all 3 time frame, 3) 30% IT bracket, 4) Pension received is 55K & house rent 25K/9% on 25 lac deposit are his income now, 5) Post Tax he needs at least 1.5 lac for a comfort living with travel, 6) He is yet to decide if he will be working further if so his earnings from that is not taken into account, 7) At 60 he is in good health still uses the gym to keep fit, 8) No liability except home loan, 9) wife is working as consultant approx pay pack 50k/ month?

Dec 12, 2016 by Nandakumar,   |   Retirement Planning
We have gone through your detailed query and find that the main point is how your client can utilise Rs. 40 Lakhs to get a regular income. He is already having pension and house rent income, but there is a... Read More

Can you provide some investment options for my dad who is retired

I am looking for some investment options for my dad. He got retired and want to invest the money he got from his PF. The objective is to get guaranteed return and some capital appreciation. Would like to have your suggestion?

Dec 7, 2016 by Rejish R,   |   Retirement Planning
Please note that if you are looking for guaranteed returns then you have very few options like, Bank fixed deposits, Post Office MIS and Senior Citizen Schemes. However, since you are looking for guaranteed... Read More

Where to invest retirement corpus to get monthly income

My friends father retired this month, they want to invest 3,00,000 rupees to get monthly income. Kindly suggest how to plan it. I want to know small cap funds for at least 5 years, as SIP of 5000, provided the fund should be from ethical (shariah complaint)?

Oct 25, 2016 by Imran Ansari, Dhule  |   Retirement Planning
We are assuming that your first and second questions are not connected. Since your father’s friend is retired, he should ensure that the risk profile of his investment is fairly conservative, or in other words... Read More

Need advise on how to invest 45 lakhs of my retirement corpus

I am getting nearly 45 lakhs on my retirement now I am investing 25 thousands in 10/12 MF. Approx corpus is 5 lakhs I need your advice how should I invest these funds so that I will get 35000 PM?

Sep 26, 2016 by Sudhir Desai, Miraj  |   Retirement Planning
Based on the information provided by you in your query, your total retirement corpus is Rs 50 lakhs. You need Rs 35,000 per month or Rs 420,000 per annum, post retirement. Therefore, your expected... Read More

How can I get regular return from my retirement corpus without any risk

I am on the threshold of retirement and I would be getting my PF savings. Where should I invest to get regular income while ensuring highest levels of safety for my capital. I am willing for a lower return for capital protection?

Sep 22, 2016 by N Chandar, Bangalore  |   Retirement Planning
Since your primary concern is highest level of safety and also that you are okay with lower returns then, we think you should invest in traditional savings schemes like postal MIP, Senior citizen scheme and bank... Read More

Please check if my investment selection is good considering that I am a moderate risk taker and retired

I retired from Govt. service, age 61 years, and received about 60L superannuation benefits. Have no Liability. I want to invest this amount to secure the funds and to beat the inflation with tax efficiency. I have moderate risk capacity. I thought I must invest Rs. 15L in SCSS, 15L in debt schemes of MFs, 10L in MIPs of MFs and 10L in two Balance funds & lL in liquid fund like Reliance money manager fund and balance in savings account. If my planning is right then kindly suggest schemes and funds in which I should return?

Aug 30, 2016 by Vinay Vashisht, Chandigarh  |   Retirement Planning
From the perspective of spreading your investments in different asset classes and also considering your age and risk taking appetite, the allocation you have done to different schemes and assets is absolutely... Read More

I want to know how can I get Rs. 2 Crores on my retirement

I am a central Govt. employee, aged 36 years. My annual salary is Rs. 6 lakhs. I am married. I have one kid of 8 months old. I want to know how can I get Rs. 2 crore on my retirement. Presently I had done the following investments: 1. LIC = Rs. 30K yearly, 2. HDFC Term Plan = Rs. 13K yearly, 3. PPF = Rs. 24K yearly, 4. Sukanya = Rs. 24K yearly, 5. NSC = Rs. 15K yearly?

Aug 30, 2016 by SSS, Banaglore  |   Retirement Planning
You have not shared complete picture of your investments and also your employment details including EPF and retirement age etc. Therefore, we will not be able to answer the query in details. However... Read More

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