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Retirement Planning Queries

Where to invest retirement corpus to get monthly income

My friends father retired this month, they want to invest 3,00,000 rupees to get monthly income. Kindly suggest how to plan it. I want to know small cap funds for at least 5 years, as SIP of 5000, provided the fund should be from ethical (shariah complaint)?

Oct 25, 2016 by Imran Ansari, Dhule  |   Retirement Planning
We are assuming that your first and second questions are not connected. Since your father’s friend is retired, he should ensure that the risk profile of his investment is fairly conservative, or in other words... Read More

Need advise on how to invest 45 lakhs of my retirement corpus

I am getting nearly 45 lakhs on my retirement now I am investing 25 thousands in 10/12 MF. Approx corpus is 5 lakhs I need your advice how should I invest these funds so that I will get 35000 PM?

Sep 26, 2016 by Sudhir Desai, Miraj  |   Retirement Planning
Based on the information provided by you in your query, your total retirement corpus is Rs 50 lakhs. You need Rs 35,000 per month or Rs 420,000 per annum, post retirement. Therefore, your expected... Read More

How can I get regular return from my retirement corpus without any risk

I am on the threshold of retirement and I would be getting my PF savings. Where should I invest to get regular income while ensuring highest levels of safety for my capital. I am willing for a lower return for capital protection?

Sep 22, 2016 by N Chandar, Bangalore  |   Retirement Planning
Since your primary concern is highest level of safety and also that you are okay with lower returns then, we think you should invest in traditional savings schemes like postal MIP, Senior citizen scheme and bank... Read More

Please check if my investment selection is good considering that I am a moderate risk taker and retired

I retired from Govt. service, age 61 years, and received about 60L superannuation benefits. Have no Liability. I want to invest this amount to secure the funds and to beat the inflation with tax efficiency. I have moderate risk capacity. I thought I must invest Rs. 15L in SCSS, 15L in debt schemes of MFs, 10L in MIPs of MFs and 10L in two Balance funds & lL in liquid fund like Reliance money manager fund and balance in savings account. If my planning is right then kindly suggest schemes and funds in which I should return?

Aug 30, 2016 by Vinay Vashisht, Chandigarh  |   Retirement Planning
From the perspective of spreading your investments in different asset classes and also considering your age and risk taking appetite, the allocation you have done to different schemes and assets is absolutely... Read More

I want to know how can I get Rs. 2 Crores on my retirement

I am a central Govt. employee, aged 36 years. My annual salary is Rs. 6 lakhs. I am married. I have one kid of 8 months old. I want to know how can I get Rs. 2 crore on my retirement. Presently I had done the following investments: 1. LIC = Rs. 30K yearly, 2. HDFC Term Plan = Rs. 13K yearly, 3. PPF = Rs. 24K yearly, 4. Sukanya = Rs. 24K yearly, 5. NSC = Rs. 15K yearly?

Aug 30, 2016 by SSS, Banaglore  |   Retirement Planning
You have not shared complete picture of your investments and also your employment details including EPF and retirement age etc. Therefore, we will not be able to answer the query in details. However... Read More

Will you please suggest where I should invest my retirement money to get handsome returns

I plan to retire shortly within 3 months and expect that I would be getting around 40 lacs as retirement proceeds. Will you please be kind enough to suggest where these funds should be invested to get handsome returns and safety of the funds. Please mention the name of the funds/scheme along with amount to be invested. Presently I am just 52 years old and can't invest in senior citizen saving scheme of post office due to age constraint. Kindly suggest?

Aug 23, 2016 by Sat Paul, Sirsa  |   Retirement Planning
Before you decide where you need to invest your retirement corpus to get handsome returns with safety, you should figure out two things – 1) What is your risk profile? To know this you can use this tool... Read More

Would you clarify how the savings would grow to 2.90 Crores in your retirement planning article

I read your article, it was thought provoking & my clarification required is as follows: I would like you to tell me as to how is the weighted average calculated, how the savings would grow to Rs. 2.9 Crores & how long last it will last as shown in first column. If you could show it in an excel as to how the savings would grow to 2.9 Crores and how long the same would last based on your example, then It will be make us understand your presentation more effectively?

Aug 23, 2016 by Vivek Sethi, Bangalore  |   Retirement Planning
As per the assumptions stated in the article, the post tax weighted average returns of 20% equity and 80% debt asset allocation, works out to be... Read More

Retirement benefits scheme

Retirement benefits scheme?

Jul 15, 2016 by R M Madhukar, Karnataka  |   Retirement Planning
Your query is not very clear. You have only mentioned ‘Retirement Benefit Schemes’ in your query. Please write your query in details. Meanwhile, to know more about retirement investing options and retirement... Read More

How to get better return other than fixed deposits and Post Office MIS

I have the following queries of how much to invest and at what funds for a 69 year old senior citizen lady who is does not pay tax and not even files return for her income. kindly elucidate in details? She is in receipt of Post office MIS scheme maturity amount of INR 10 LACS and she does not want to invest in POST OFFICE ANYMORE? She already has some 8-9 lacs investment in FIXED DEPOSITS which is earning her quarterly interest for which she fills up FORM 15H every year. The advise she is seeking, is, in what instruments she should invest her 10 lacs, so that she enjoys monthly or quarterly payout without attracting tax liabllity? SHe does not want to invest in BANK FD also', as she is seeking higher returns than what bank is offering today? Her interest is in DEBT MUTUAL FUNDS, but attracting least or no TAX at all. She wants to avoid the filing of INCOME TAX RETURN PART as she has never filed and does not want to get into it at her age as she will not be able to do it without outside help and she wants to avoid it, simply put. I suggested DEBT ACCRUAL FUNDS-SWP, what about these and what are the return prospects annually for the same in her case and INCOME STATUS? WILL it be taxable once the the funds mature in her hands after the period of funds is over etc? kindly guide her with best possible options in such category, considering her condition as stated above. Kindly let us know the best return oriented MUTUAL FUNDS IN THIS CATEGORY - be it debt accrual or any liquid funds etc?

Jun 13, 2016 by JITA DAS, Kolkata  |   Retirement Planning
As you have rightly mentioned, monthly SWP from debt funds would be an ideal solution for her. We have done two articles in the recent past which completely highlights these benefits in details. Request you to... Read More

I want to invest lumpsum amount in the best pension plan

I would like to invest lump sum amount in pension plan, which is the best plan available?

Feb 10, 2016 by Jayraj, Mumbai  |   Retirement Planning
You have not provided sufficient details. There are broadly three types of retirement plans in the market... Read More
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