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Freedom could be of many different types. For example, we could be speaking of mental, physical or social freedom; but here we will focus on financial freedom, which often gets pushed to the back burner until we hit our retirement years, and we realize we are still prisoners of expenses that hit us in the face of almost dwindling...Read More

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Mutual Funds offer diversification as each fund invests across multiple stocks or /and debt instruments. It is however important to assess all factors carefully before creating a portfolio of investments that can align to the investor’s financial goals. Equity has the potential to beat inflation and help them achieve their...Read More

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Mutual fund investments have been a favourite of investors in India. The sheer convenience of investing in mutual funds has drawn investors to this instrument for over 3 decades now. The data published by AMFI reports that mutual fund accounts in September 2023, stood at 7.13 crores. The amount collected through SIP during the month...Read More

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The equity market has been extremely bullish in this financial year (FY 2023-24) despite high-interest rates. Strong earnings growth in Q1 and cooling inflation have supported the market. The Nifty crossed the 20,000 level in September. The broader market has outperformed with midcaps (Nifty Midcap 150 TRI) and small caps (Nifty Small...Read More

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One of the most important areas to look at white saving for your future is to plan for a stress free and economically independent retirement. An SIP is a tool to systematically invest in mutual funds with the amount of your choice, helping you to build a corpus in the initial years of your career. Post retirement, the need is for...Read More

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Small cap equity mutual funds have been a rage with retail investors over the past 3 months. The Nifty Small Cap 250 Index is at its record high. The small cap index has outperformed Nifty 50 by a big margin over the last 3 years (see the chart below) and has continued to outperform if we see recent returns e.g. last 1 month...Read More

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Conservative Hybrid Funds are an investment category that aim to focus on stability with prospects of growth as well. These funds offer investors a diversified portfolio comprising predominantly of debt instruments while allocating a small portion to equities. Conservative Hybrid Funds are a category of mutual funds that...Read More

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Having a well-thought-out strategy is crucial when managing investments and building long-term wealth. Systematic Transfer Plans (STPs) give investors a disciplined approach to shift funds from one investment option to another gradually. This article will explore STPs, why investors should consider using them, their benefits...Read More

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Some investors wait to time the market in order to buy at low price. As per the Random Walk Hypothesis of movement of stock prices is random, in other words, it is not possible to predict short term price movement based on trend. Bear markets in the past have shown a sudden trend reversal. Even if...Read More

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Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP) and Systematic Transfer Plan (STP) are mutual fund facilities which offer solutions to different investment needs. SWP provides fixed cash-flows to investors. STP enables investors to transfer fixed amounts at regular intervals (e.g. weekly, monthly, etc.) from one scheme (usually low...Read More

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