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Passive investing i.e. investing through ETFs or index funds is very popular in the developed economies. Passive mutual fundswere launched in the 1970s, but their popularity soared globally after the Global Financial Crisis of 2008. As on March 2020, global assets under management (AUM) in passive mutual funds crossed...

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Many investors still think of mutual funds as a way of investing in equities. As per AMFI, nearly 70% of retail and HNI assets were invested in equity funds in August 2020. However, mutual funds offer investment solution for a variety of investment needs for investors in all age groups. You can invest in mutual funds to park money for...

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The last one month has been very difficult for stock market due to the spread of Coronavirus pandemic around the world. The Nifty fell from 11,700 levels to around 7,600 (on 23rd March) – a 35% fall. Since then Nifty has recovered some 1,000 points over the next 3 daysafter the US Government announced $2 trillion stimulus. On 26th...

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For the last 20 years (except for a brief period in FY 2003) dividends were tax free in the hands of the investors, but the company paying dividends had to pay dividend distribution tax (DDT) before giving dividends to investors. In the 2020 Budget, the Finance Minister abolished DDT and moved back to the classical system of taxing...

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Tax planning is an important financial objective any person has. Tax planning starts when a person starts working and continues almost throughout one’s life, even after retirement. We have observed that, people often fail to look at tax planning objectively and start making investments related to tax saving in a very mechanical way. Tax...

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Debt mutual funds are great investment options for getting stable returns with lower downside risks. Debt funds offer a large variety of solutions for wide range of investment needs e.g. liquidity, investment tenures and risk appetites. However, based on comments and queries received by us at Advisorkhoj, we think that many retail...

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It is our endeavour at Advisorkhoj to increase awareness and knowledge about mutual funds among common retail investors. Debt mutual fund is a product category where we perceive a sense of a lack of clarity and understanding based on comments / queries received by us from you. Debt fund investments are not difficult if you understand...

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Financial planning for long term goals is not high priority for most individuals when they are young. At a younger age, fulfilling lifestyle desires, getting married and starting a family, purchasing assets for the family like a car and a house, are given more importance than savings and accumulation. But...

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Multi-cap mutual funds are equity mutual fund schemes which invest in stocks across different market capitalization segments. Market capitalization of a stock is the share price of the stock multiplied by the number of shares...

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Over the past few years, we have seen growing interest in debt mutual funds among retail investors visiting our website. AMFI data shows that retail and HNI investors now have 46% share of debt mutual fund (excluding liquid and...

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