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Why approach to post retirement investment planning needs a rethink: Part 2

In Part 1of this post, we discussed how lower interest rates can be the new normal in the medium to long term. Low interest rates will necessitate a rethink in approach to post retirement planning for Senior Citizens. In the second part...

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Approach to post retirement investment planning needs a rethink: Part 1

Over the past 2 years, many senior citizen relatives complained to me how managing regular monthly expenses was becoming challenging with cut in bank interest rates. On a deposit of Rs 50 lakhs, senior citizens have seen their...

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Most important analytical measures for selecting best mutual funds

In this multi-part series we have discussed how to select the best mutual fund schemes. In our previous part, Do you know the most important parameters in selecting mutual funds, we discussed 4 simplefactors to consider, when...

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Do you know the most important parameters in selecting mutual funds

Selecting the right mutual fund for your investment needs is not the simplest of endeavors. Investment needs can be varied and there are thousands of products in the market. Despite some negative perceptions about the mutual...

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Did you know which parameters to ignore when selecting mutual funds

In our previous post, Did you know what to analyze and ignore when selecting equity mutual funds, we discussed the difficulties in selecting equity mutual funds, despite the plethora of information available online. Many investors use...

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Did you know what to analyze and ignore when selecting equity mutual funds

Awareness of mutual funds is growing in our country. Financial advisors are now spending a lot of time on research to provide better advice to their customers. There is a proliferation of mutual fund related contents like blogs, research...

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Should mutual funds for monthly income be part of your portfolio

Capital appreciation and income are two primary investment goals. Mutual funds provide multitude of investment solutions for both these objectives for different risk profiles. However, in India mutual funds are mostly associated...

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How Mutual fund Capital Loss tax credits work

About a year back, I wrote an article on mutual fund capital loss tax credit (please see our post, Mutual Fund Capital Loss: Tax Implications). Our target audience of this topic was primarily short term investors and traders. However...

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How rollover in tax saver mutual funds provide substantial benefit

The pursuit of perpetual motion machines obsessed many scientists and engineers in Europe for centuries since the middle ages. Some readers may think why we are taking about perpetual motion machines in a finance...

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Investing in short term versus long term debt fund: Part 2

In the first part of our two part blog post, How you should invest in debt mutual funds: Short term versus long term, we discussed the basic difference between short term and long term debt funds. We also discussed how these two types...

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