Declaration of dividend under various schemes

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Notice is hereby given that L&T Mutual Fund Trustee Limited, the Trustees to L&T Mutual Fund, has approved declaration of dividend (subject to adequacy and availability of distributable surplus) under the dividend option(s) of the below mentioned schemes/plans on March 23, 2016, the record date ("Record Date") as given under:

Dividend under various schemes

Pursuant to the payment of dividend, the NAVs of the aforesaid schemes/plans/options will fall to the extent of payout and statutory levy, (if applicable).

Past performance of the schemes/plans/options may or may not be sustained in future.

*Please note that, pursuant to SEBI circular dated September 13, 2012; effective October 1, 2012; no fresh applications for investments are being accepted in the said option.

**Monthly income is not assured and is subject to availability of distributable surplus

The dividend will be paid to those unit holders, whose names appear in the register of unit holders of the aforesaid schemes/plans /options as at the close of the business hours on the Record Date.

Under the dividend re-investment facility, the dividend declared will be re-invested at the ex-dividend NAV.

Please note that in case the aforesaid Record Date falls on a non-business day, the next business day would be considered as the Record Date.

( Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.)

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