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FFO opens on 19th June and closes on 22nd June, 2018


  • The FFO is a part of disinvestment program announced by the Department of Investment and Public Asset Management (DIPAM), Ministry of Finance.

  • Investors across all categories to get 2.5% discount on the Reference Market Price of underlying constituents on government divested shares.

  • Anchor and Non Anchor FFO Period - The FFO is open between June 19 – June 22, 2018, with June 19, 2018 reserved for Anchor investors.

  • To raise an initial amount of Rs. 6,000 crores plus the Additional Amount will be subject to Government of India’s approval.

  • Allotment Percentages for each Category of Investors

    • Anchor Investors – 25%

    • Non-Anchor Investors

    • Retail Individual Investors - 25%

    • Retirement Funds – 25%

    • QIB and NII – 25%

Mumbai, June 13, 2018: The Further Fund Offer (FFO) of ICICI Prudential managed Bharat 22 - Exchange Traded Fund (Bharat 22 ETF) was announced today. This FFO is part of the Government of India's overall disinvestment program, announced earlier by the Department of Investment and Public Asset Management (DIPAM), Ministry of Finance, using the ETF route.

ICICI Prudential AMC proposes to raise upto Rs. 6,000 crore in this FFO with an option to retain oversubscription, subject to Government of India’s approval.

"The success of Bharat 22 ETF NFO managed by ICICI Prudential AMC highlighted investor confidence in the India growth story as represented by the industry leading stocks of the ETF. The NFO was oversubscribed by all investor categories including retail investors. With a view to encourage further participation by the existing investors and also bring in new investors we are happy to launch follow on offer of Bharat 22 ETF", said Mr. Atanu Chakraborty, Secretary DIPAM, Ministry of Finance.

"We are delighted to announce the Further Fund Offer of ICICI Prudential managed Bharat 22 ETF. The FFO with the discount offered, is an opportunity to partake in the India growth story by way of a diversified companies spread across several sectors which are available at attractive valuation”, said Mr. Nimesh Shah, MD & CEO, ICICI Prudential AMC.

The dividend yield of S&P BSE Bharat 22 Index which is the underlying of the ICICI Prudential managed BHARAT 22 ETF is approximately 2.6%, further adding to the overall merit of investing in this ETF. In addition, ICICI Prudential managed Bharat 22 ETF has an expense ratio of less than 1 bps, which is among the lowest in the Indian ETF universe.

The FFO is open for all categories of investors including Anchor Investors, Retail Investors, Retirement Funds, QIBs, Non-institutional investors and Foreign Portfolio Investor (FPIs). As part of the FFO, an upfront discount of 2.5 % is being offered to all categories of investors.


Bharat 22 Index – Index constituents

Bharat 22 Index – Index constituents




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