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Notice cum Addendum - Change in Schemes Names, Fund Management Structure, Benchmark and Directors

Mutual Fund

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1. Change in Name of Schemes:

NOTICE is hereby given that Edelweiss Trusteeship Company Limited, Trustee to Edelweiss Mutual Fund, has approved change in name of the following Schemes of Edelweiss Mutual Fund, as per the details given below, effective May 2, 2017:

Change in Name of Schemes

Accordingly, all references to the existing names of the Schemes wherever appearing in the Scheme Informaion Documents and Key Informaion Memorandums shall be replaced with the revised name as mentioned above.

2. Change in Fund Management Structure:

NOTICE is hereby given that the Fund Management structure of the following Schemes of Edelweiss Mutual Fund will stand revised as under with effect from May 2, 2017:

Fund Management Structure

3. Change in Benchmark of the Edelweiss Government Securities Fund:

NOTICE is hereby given that Edelweiss Trusteeship Company Limited, Trustee to Edelweiss Mutual Fund (“the Fund”), has approved change in Benchmark Index of Edelweiss Government Securities Fund (“the Scheme”) with effect from May 2, 2017 with a view to have a Benchmark Index that is better aligned and more relevant to the investment strategy and portfolio mix of the Scheme.

The details of the existing and revised Benchmark Index of the Scheme are as follows:


The revised Benchmark Index will be a be a better representation of the Scheme's Portfolio and thus will be more suited for comparing the performance of the Scheme.

4. Change in Directors of Edelweiss Asset Management Limited:

NOTICE is hereby given that Mr. Rujan Panjwani has resigned as the Associate Director of Edelweiss Asset Management Limited (“Edelweiss AMC”) with effect from April 27, 2017. Further please note that Mr. Ashish Kehair has been appointed as an Associate Director on the board of Edelweiss AMC with effect from April 28, 2017. Details of Mr. Kehair are as follows:


This addendum shall form an integral part of the SAI/SID/KIM of the Schemes, as amended from time to time. All other features and terms and conditions as stated in the SAI/SID/KIM of the Schemes shall remain unchanged.

Investors are requested to take note of the above.

(Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.)

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