Reliance Mutual Fund Introduces: e-OTBM (Online One Time Bank Mandate)

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Oct 31, 2017 by Reliance Mutual Fund | Mutual Fund | 0 Downloaded

Reliance Mutual Fund is delighted to introduce a facility through which investors can register e-OTBM (One Time Bank Mandate) Online through all digital assets. This is another Industry first initiative made available for new as well as existing Individual Investors and is completely paperless and ONLINE.

As of now, investors can register One Time Bank Mandate (OTBM) through offline mode by filling the One Time Bank Mandate (OTBM) physical form. This process is time consuming and involves OTBM physical form filling and form submission along with necessary documentation at the respective offices.

Now we have made the process SIMPLE & HASSLE FREE. Here is how you go about it.

To register e-OTBM (Online One Time Bank Mandate), investors just need to log in to any of the digital assets of Reliance Mutual Fund and select e-OTBM (Online One Time Bank Mandate) registration option.

Few Highlights:

  • This registration can be done by all Individual Investors via Aadhaar based authentication through One Time Password (OTP) triggered to their mobile number registered with UIDAI

  • This is an ONLINE and PAPERLESS process of registering e-OTBM (Online One Time Bank Mandate)

  • E-OTBM (Online One Time Bank Mandate) will obviate the need for cheque

  • Almost 99 % of the online investor details field will be PRE-FILLED and the investor just has to enter the amount and modify the Mandate Expiry date if necessary hence enabling hassle free and quick registration

  • There are approximately 17 banks that are currently available for e-OTBM (Online One Time Bank Mandate) Registration for all our Investors

  • The investor’s signature will also be captured DIGITALLY

Post this quick and hassle free online e-OTBM (Online One Time Bank Mandate) Registration, investors can do Purchase and do Any Day SIP (another initiative launched by RMF recently) transacting seamlessly thus enabling a frictionless transacting platform. This e-OTBM (Online One Time Bank Mandate) registration process will be completed within 3 working days only.

Sundeep Sikka, ED and CEO of Reliance Nippon Life Asset Management Limited (RNAM), believes in getting every Indian household to invest in Mutual Funds and drive ‘Mission Prosperity’ for the investors.To achieve this, he believes in enabling investors to transact in a hassle free and paperless environment.E-OTBM (Online One Time Bank Mandate) ensures that the mandate registration is processed electronically thereby making it paperless and quick and is our endeavour towards our CEO’s vision.

Himanshu Vyapak, Deputy CEO of Reliance Nippon Life Asset Management Limited (RNAM), strongly believes in leveraging technology to provide solutions to our investors which are hassle free and easy. He believes digital platforms will re-define the way customer on-boarding and financial transactions are happening in India. Given the several benefits of mutual funds, the impeccable track record, the potential and the several initiatives taken by the Regulator and the Industry, including Digital initiatives, to expand the markets, we are only likely to see more investors participating in the future which will give a positive thrust to expansion of Mutual Fund (MF) Industry. One of the most encouraging trends is investors participating through the systematic investment route (SIP). E-OTBM (Online One Time Bank Mandate) is one such platform by which investors will be able to register their mandate Online and transact any time they wish.

Reliance Mutual Fund has been relentlessly working towards providing partner centric and investor centric industry first innovations such as Instant Redemption, Any Day SIP, SIMPLY SAVE in the recent past and now e-OTBM (Online One Time Bank Mandate) registration.

(Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.)

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