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Mumbai, Sep 15, 2021:

Sundaram Mutual is pleased to announce the launch of Sundaram Gurukulam.

Change is the new constant!! Customer needs are evolving rapidly as is the investment market place. In the new Digital World, customer engagement, retention and acquisition methodologies will need to be re-visited. Thus the need to continuously upgrade skills and knowledge has become even more important in these Pandemic times.

Distribution Partners are acutely aware of these but actualizing these is not easy given the time and resources needed! Sundaram Mutual is pleased to announce its next initiative which is intended to address this critical need.

'Sundaram Gurukulam', is an initiative to equip distribution partners with the skills they need in today's world to enhance the growth of their business and. Sundaram Mutual will tie up with various content partners over the course of time to address critical skill/knowledge upgradation areas.

Following on the re-launch of health camps program for partners, as Sanjeevani, Gurukulam is another initiative in consonance with the Sundaram Finance Group's value system which underlines the strong belief that an organization's strength lies in its people, and our view that distribution partners are an integral part of the team.

Sundaram Gurukulam launches tomorrow the 14th of October, 2021 the first phase of this program in content partnership with the Center for Investment Education and Learning (CIEL), CIEL is a learning solutions company focused on competency building for the investments and financial services sector. For more information about CIEL, visit

These first sessions will focus on competency building and combine conceptual clarity with practical application. There will be a blend of both Computer-based self-learning modules and instructor-led classrooms, supported by quizzes and exams to ensure participants can convert the learnings into practice.

The pedagogy of these sessions have been customized specifically for distribution partners to enable them to develop the necessary professional, technical & managerial skills for effective business mobilization.

On the launch of the initiative, Mr. Sunil Subramaniam, Managing Director, Sundaram Mutual said, "Learning never stops. We strongly believe that as individuals, the more we learn, the more we grow. Sundaram Gurukulam is our effort towards helping our distribution partners scale greater heights in their field. Under this, we have organized a series of techno-behavioral business development programs to empower them to build richer, meaningful relationships with their clients, and expand their brand. We chose 'Gurukulam' as our brand as our partners are our kula (Sanskrit for family) and families grow together. We will be tying up with various 'Gurus' over a period of time to provide expert advice and knowledge to them."

Sundaram Gurukulam training will be conducted virtually, across the country, in batches from October onwards. Participants who achieve minimum criteria on knowledge acquisition will be awarded a co-branded certificate from Sundaram Mutual and CIEL.

About Sundaram Asset Management Company

Sundaram Asset Management Company, a significant player in the fund management space along with its subsidiaries, has assets under management of about INR 44,000+ crores as on September 30, 2021. The brand has a strong retail focus with over 3.5 million customers and 80+ branches across the country.

Sundaram Asset Management Company has a bouquet of seventeen equity and eleven fixed-income funds catering to diverse investor preferences.

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