Is it possible to check rolling return versus category returns of multiple funds at a time

It is possible to check Rolling Returns vs Category for multiple funds at a time, within the category. How does one check Rolling Returns vs. Benchmark for multiple funds at a time, in a category? It currently provides for checking Rolling Returns vs. Benchmark for only one fund at a time. Is there a work around to do this for multiple funds at a time?

Jul 26, 2019 by Joel A Peres,   |   Mutual Fund

Please note that it is possible to see multiple funds at a time within the same category. Though by default we are showing the result of one fund only but you can add more fund by using the +add another fund (upto 4) tab. However, the maximum number of funds that can be seen on one screen at a time is 5 only. For example, I have selected 5 funds from the Multicap category and you can see the results here -

However, while comparing rolling returns versus the Benchmark, we have kept one fund only as in a category there could be funds following different Benchmarks. Hope you will understand this.

Thanking you for writing to Advisorkhoj.

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