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Are we investing in best ELSS mutual funds

I'm investing via SIP in IDFC Tax Advantage Fund and L&T Tax Advantage Fund and my wife is investing in Principal Tax Savings Fund + Reliance Tax Saver Fund. I want to know all the 4 funds are good to continue or any change required? My investing horizon is about 10-12 years?

Jan 18, 2019 by Anil Midha, New Delhi  |   Mutual Fund
You and your spouse are investing in good performing ELSS mutual funds. However, all these 4 funds are not among the top performers. To see the top performing ELSS mutual Funds list, please refer to this... Read More
Can I reach my goal of Rs 1 Crore by investing in mutual fund SIPs

I have done my investments through HDFC I want to build a corpus of 1 crore in 20-25 years and invested 6000 per month through these direct growth funds. Can I reach my goal HDFC Top 100 - 2000, HDFC Midcap Opportunities Fund - 1000, HDFC Smallcap Fund - 1000, HDFC Equity Fund - 1000, HDFC Capital Builder Value Fund - 1000?

Jan 16, 2019 by Akash, Kolkata  |   Mutual Fund
Glad to know that you are investing through mutual fund SIPs for meeting your long term financial goals. Currently you are investing in 5 equity schemes of HDFC mutual Fund and the monthly SIP amount is... Read More
Should I continuously withdraw from my mutual fund SIP investments

I have several ongoing SIP’s in Equity Mutual Funds. I wanted to know if I withdraw Rs. 1 lakh when the fund reaches a level of one lakh twenty thousand and continue with the SIP will it affect my returns since there is no compounding effect in Mutual Funds or even shift the said amount to a debt fund?

Jan 15, 2019 by Libby Paulson, Ernakulam  |   Mutual Fund
The idea of investing in mutual funds through SIPs is to create long term wealth by saving a small amount every month by remaining disciplined and by benefiting from compounded returns over a long period of... Read More
Should I withdraw LIC policy and invest in mutual funds

Is it beneficial to withdraw LIC policies & make investment of that withdrawn amount in mutual fund? For insurance purpose I can buy term insurance plan. I want to invest lump sum amount 1 lakh for 20 years in which category should I invest? Please suggest me I am very confused?

Jan 14, 2019 by Nilesh, Aurangabad  |   Mutual Fund
Life insurance and investments are two very different things and should not be mixed with each other. We always suggest having maximum life insurance cover through term insurance plans and investing in... Read More
Which are the best performing ELSS Mutual Funds

Please send me best Mutual Fund for 80C Tax Exemption?

Jan 13, 2019 by Vijay Kumar,   |   Mutual Fund
Please note that we have shortlisted the best ELSS mutual funds in our mutual fund research section and you can see them here... Read More
Is ELSS Mutual Fund returns totally tax free

Is ELSS fund return totally tax free? Does the tax amount at exit point of any fund also apply for the senior citizen?

Jan 12, 2019 by Dhiman Bhattacharya, Kolkata  |   Mutual Fund
Please note that ELSS Mutual Funds are equity funds only. In the last Budget (2018), following taxation was applied to equity mutual funds - Long term capital gains - In case of equity or equity oriented... Read More
Should I hold onto my investment in HDFC Gold Fund

I am holding HDFC Gold Fund for the last 3 years (Last SIP 16-Mar-2015). Today I am getting a profit of about 1,000.00. Should I sell it off or hold still? For last 3 years the fund has been in negative without any appreciation. I do not have any immediate need for funds, but was wanting to at least realize minimal profit and not go into loss. Advice will be highly appreciated?

Jan 10, 2019 by Satish, Delhi  |   Mutual Fund
Investment in gold is done mainly for the purpose of asset allocation and hedge against inflation. Under any circumstances, however, it should not be core part of your portfolio. Therefore, if it is your only... Read More
Which are the best liquid mutual funds to invest in

Best liquid fund to invest for 1 or 2 year?

Jan 8, 2019 by Ranjana Shah, Vadodara  |   Mutual Fund
We have shortlisted the most consistent performing mutual fund schemes in each category and you can find the same in our mutual fund research section. You can see the consistent performing Liquid funds... Read More
Can I reach my retirement goal with present mutual fund investments

I am 39 year old and I have Invested in Below funds as lumpsum targeting my retirement Corpus of 7.5 crore after 20 years. I have Invested 10 lac in HDFC Mid Cap Fund, 10 Lac in Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund and 6 lacs in Aditya Birla Frontline Equity Fund and 8 lacs in Mirae Asset Emerging Equity Fund and 4 lacs in Kotal Select Focus Fund and 3 lacs in Tata Equity P/E Fund. Please guide whether my approach for my retirement Corpus and Selection of the Funds for same is correct? Eagerly awaiting your kind response?

Jan 7, 2019 by Himanshu, Gurugram  |   Retirement Planning
You have selected good performing mutual fund schemes from the multi-cap, small cap, mid cap and large cap equity mutual fund Categories. These categories of funds are ideal choice for long term... Read More
How my principal should be protected in mutual fund

I would like to invest about 2 lacs in mutual fund but my principle should not be less because I am shifting from FD to Mutual Fund?

Jan 6, 2019 by Shobhana Rajagopal, Mumbai  |   Mutual Fund
Please note that if your prime investment objective is protection of investment capital, then we would suggest you not to invest in mutual funds. More so, because you have already invested the money in fixed... Read More
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