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Please review the Max Bupa Health Insurance Plan selected by me

1. Max Term Life Insurance - 1Cr, 2. Max Bupa Health Insurance (Individual)- 5L. Please review the plan selection. I am 28 yrs old salaried. I am suffering from Lower Abdomen Pain from last 6 months. USG/CTScan/Urine/Blood Report all are ok. Finally referred to Orthopaedic. Adviced for MRI, Vit-D, TSH, etc test. One more thing - On Monday afternoon (in a Hospital) checked my BP 140/85, On Tuesday afternoon same Hospital 151/93, On Wednesday evening a doctor (MBBS, MD) - 120/80. Should I declare all this while filling up the form of Health & Term Plan? Am I in hypertension category? What are the things I have to mention and how. Do I need to send all the reports to the Insurer? Please advice?

Mar 31, 2016 by Indrajeet, Kolkata  |   General Insurance

Max term life insurance is indeed one of the best term insurance plans. As far as Health Insurance or Mediclaim is concerned, Max Bupa Mediclaim is rated as an average plan by Mint. We are not saying that, Max Bupa Mediclaim is not suitable for you. All we are suggesting is that, you should compare with other good Mediclaim plans and see which plan meets your own requirements. You can read about best Mediclaim plans as per Mint rating in 2015 in our blog post, Best Health Insurance Plans in 2015: Individual Mediclaim.

As regards to your blood pressure readings, it is important that, you consult with a doctor. As per American Heart Association’s Blood Pressure chart, systolic reading of 140 – 159 and diastolic reading of 90 – 99 is considered Stage 1 Hypertension. However, as mentioned in your query you got a lower reading the following day, which indicated that you have normal blood pressure. Please note that, we are not medical experts in Advisorkhoj and therefore we are no position to opine whether you have high blood pressure. You should consult with a doctor to take appropriate treatment, if required. Your health is more important than insurance. Also, your doctor will advise you what your correct blood pressure reading is.

As far as term life insurance is concerned, not all life insurance companies have mandatory medical check-ups before they give you a life insurance policy. However, Max Life Insurance requires medical check-up based on your age and sum assured before the policy is issued to you. Once you apply for life insurance, a representative from Max Life Insurance will get in touch with you and explain the procedures involved. With regards to health insurance, you need to undergo medical check-up, if you are buying a new health insurance policy offered by Max Bupa. Like life insurance, a Max Bupa representative will contact you and explain the medical check-up procedures involved.

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