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About a year back, I wrote an article on mutual fund capital loss tax credit (please see our post, Mutual Fund Capital Loss: Tax Implications). Our target audience of this topic was primarily short term investors and traders. However...

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The pursuit of perpetual motion machines obsessed many scientists and engineers in Europe for centuries since the middle ages. Some readers may think why we are taking about perpetual motion machines in a finance...

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In the first part of our two part blog post, How you should invest in debt mutual funds: Short term versus long term, we discussed the basic difference between short term and long term debt funds. We also discussed how these two types...

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2017 was a great year for the stock market and mutual funds. As per December 2017 AMFI data, industry wide assets under management in equity and balanced funds rose 77% year on year. Even after factoring in value...

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All investors want to buy best performing mutual funds. It is not possible to predict the future and so investors go with past performance when selecting mutual funds in the hope that a fund which performed well in the past, will...

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We get many queries on from investors asking us, which is the best mutual fund to invest or which is the best investment solution for their requirements? The quest for the best or perfect is understandable but...

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I remember a few scenes from an American romantic comedy series, where the actress is getting ready to go to a New Year’s party. She opens her cupboard; it is lined up with hundreds of shoes and she is totally confused which one...

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Mutual funds are increasingly becoming popular among Indian retail investors. As per AMFI data assets under management in the mutual fund industry grew by more than 30% from September 2016 to September 2017. What is also...

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In the first part of our blog post, Take control of your financial journey, we discussed why is it important to plan your financial journey just like you plan your travel. Without proper planning, you are likely to put your and your...

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My wife and I love to travel. In the last 15 years, we have travelled to many destinations in different continents and here in India. Let me share some learning from the experience we had and try to relate to today’s blog topic...

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