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Mutual fund investing is all about mapping your goals to suitable schemes that can help you achieve those goals. Your risk appetite and investment tenure are the two most important factors you’ll consider before you invest, as they...Read More

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In the first part of this post, “Why you should get serious about retirement planning and start investing in mutual funds”, we had discussed that without serious thought and planning from an early stage of your career, retirement...Read More

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Retirement planning is one of the most important life goals for any family. Unfortunately, in our country, most people do not take retirement planning very seriously until it is too late. In the absence of a sufficiently large retirement...Read More

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This year RBI has been on a trajectory of tightening interest rates in an effort to control inflation. Repo rate has been raised three times. Regular Advisorkhoj readers know that repo rate hikes by the RBI raise bond yields, cause...Read More

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The stock market has been quite volatile this year. In the last 2 months or so, Nifty has declined by around 10%. Such big declines in the past may have triggered off panic selling by retail investors but mutual fund SIP inflows have...Read More

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In Part 1of this post, we discussed how lower interest rates can be the new normal in the medium to long term. Low interest rates will necessitate a rethink in approach to post retirement planning for Senior Citizens. In the second part...Read More

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Over the past 2 years, many senior citizen relatives complained to me how managing regular monthly expenses was becoming challenging with cut in bank interest rates. On a deposit of Rs 50 lakhs, senior citizens have seen their...Read More

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In this multi-part series we have discussed how to select the best mutual fund schemes. In our previous part, Do you know the most important parameters in selecting mutual funds, we discussed 4 simplefactors to consider, when...Read More

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Selecting the right mutual fund for your investment needs is not the simplest of endeavors. Investment needs can be varied and there are thousands of products in the market. Despite some negative perceptions about the mutual...Read More

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In our previous post, Did you know what to analyze and ignore when selecting equity mutual funds, we discussed the difficulties in selecting equity mutual funds, despite the plethora of information available online. Many investors use...Read More

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