Life as we know it

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Financial Advisory article in Advisorkhoj - Life as we know it

There are times when life falls apart. Nothing goes as per plans. The known becomes the unknown and you become a stranger to yourself. We all have gone through this phase at one point of our lives. When we go through it feels like the worst times of our lives have come. But when we look back, we realize that it was a time of great transformation. It is during this phase that our mettle and the foundations of principles are tested. You almost want to give up but you do not because of the faint hope that lingers. It keeps on telling you that no matter how bleak, this too shall pass.

During these tough times one should not give up positive thinking. Positive thinking is the power to think of a better future even though the present is contradictory. So as financial advisors the present may not be very promising. The Government is reducing commissions, it becomes difficult to convince and retain clients. Due to a recessionary market the business has considerably reduced. In spite of all, have the courage to think positive. Just the way pessimism is infectious and we know that because pessimism is much easier to practice. Positive thinking is equally infectious; we doubt it because we hardly ever practice it. But once you start trying it you realize that it is attracting more positive thoughts. Sooner or later things will start to change for the better.

The next thing I am about to tell you may sound like an overused cliché but trust me if practised it really works. It is the act of thinking big! Construction of any sort occurs in two levels. The first level is a mental construction of thoughts. We need to be able to mentally visualize the magnanimity of the success that we wish to achieve. It is only when we can visualize mentally, will we be able to execute the same in the real world. If we are convinced that our ideas have the power to bring about the impact only then will be able to convince others of the same. Hence the physical construction of the idea becomes inevitable because like positive thinking even passion is infectious.

Now I shall start my next thought by stating an honest truth, we all work to make ends meet and we all need money to survive. Passion is never enough to satiate hunger in the belly. So how do we make more money? The idea behind making more money does not lie in retaining what we have and cling to that amount as our last resort. On the contrary, in lies in believing that the current sum is already present, but give yourself a higher amount which you wish to achieve. Positive thoughts about money, attracts money in the real world.

A quick glance thorough this article might give you an idea of hopeless idealism. So don’t believe a word of what I say. Practice it for yourself and see the changes that it might bring about in your lives. When your life actually starts to change, just know that the world works on the ‘power of belief’. We believe that there is a going to be a next day and there is always a new day. Hence, if you believe that you deserve a better life, you will have a better life and the world will ensure that you do.

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